Thursday, May 31, 2012

Makeup Look of the day!

I dyed my hair but its not really showing in the photo (used my Iphone for all the photos)
I used Garnier and I will make a review on it next time!

Makeup used:
Makeup forever Duo Mat foundation-beige
Mac Translucent powder
Mac Pink Swoon blush
Physicians Formula palette-Sheer pink as base and Pink brown matte at crease
OCC Lip tar, grandma and MAC coral lip gloss
Mascarra from MAC with false lashes (generic) from Landmark
Loreal liquid liner in black
Lip liner-Spice from Mac
Prestige brow color

 In this photo-I thickened the liquid liner. I love how this makes my eyes look really big!

Sparkly shoes! Sequines ladies!

I discovered a SCHU outlet store near my son's school. Since I love everything sparkly, I had to buy one of their sequined flats. Unfortunately the one I like is sold out already, in my size I mean. Its purple, gold and black. So I got this one instead.

Another  thing I like about this shoes is that that you can change the color of the sequines. The photo below will show you what I mean. The black can turn to silver, copper to yellow gold.

Otherwise the color is copper silver and black. You can also take out the silver and turn it copper and black.Got this for P899

Now this one is an old pair but I just want to show you the only 2 pair of sparkly shoes I have.

I have socks inside so pls excuse the black thread as well.hehehehe. This one is P900 from stacatto, on sale.

This was the packaging for the new shoes, I like that I can re-use it and put some girly stuff. lol.
I will post the other items I bought from the store, in my next post.

So if you happen to be in Ortigas near tectite, its at Emerald avenue. Check it out.They also have bags and designer clothes, all at a Sale price.

Till my next post ladies!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Do you love perfumes too??

Do you love perfumes too??

My modest collection of perfumes. Most of them are gifts from loved ones.

I bought this perfume after my last wedding gig last year. I have been using this almost everyday. Its light and very feminine. Strong perfumes makes me sneeze and I get a little  dizzy sometimes.

Estee Lauder Pleasures-first time for me to buy this perfume as well, as a gift for my birthday last January ( hubby gave me shopping money to buy myself something nice ) I also use this for everyday.

Ralp Lauren Romance perfume-My mother in law gave this to me as a gift before the wedding last 2007. Imagine, its still not used up and the scent is still amazing. I only use this for special occasions since I find the smell suitable for evening or an afternoon event. I have a smaller version which I keep in my purse to bring with me.

This perfume is for men but I use this form time to time as well and share this with my hubby :-) I like that it smells sweet and reminds me of hubby :-)

This is a gift from my brother last year from Dubai. I love love this fruity sweet smell but it can get over powering so I just spritz on a tiny amount. I use this both for day and night.

  Guess gold perfume-This is a gift from my hubbys Aunt from Canada. I also love the smell although its a bit strong for me so I only use this if there is an event at night or special occasions. The scent is sweet-fruity floral.

Weekend at Burnerrys . This too was a gift from my hubbys Aunt from Canada. The scent reminds me of flowers from my grandmothers garden. Its a bit strong so one spray will do. After awhile, it gives a powdery floral scent.  It last long and I usually spray this on 5-6 inches away from me so that I dont over spray.

This was a perfume from hubby though I chose the scent. I like my Gucci perfume better but I wanted to try this new perfume at the time. the first note ( the scent you get once you spray it on ) smells citrusy floral then after a while (middle note) it gives off a powdery fruity scent. It last long too.

Issei Miyaki was my perfume way back so this scent reminds me of good memories when i was still in the fashion world. The scent is light,  sweet and fresh. Great for night or day. I think this is one of the all time best sellers.

Now this one is also my favorite. I love love the scent.And since its parfum, you just need a small amount. I think its just one size. Its also very expensive here ( Almost P5,000 pesos)
Very feminine.

 The scent is soft, fruity floral.When I wear this scent it Reminds me of a womans dresser, Soft colors of pink and peach, expensive sheets and makes me think of Paris!lol.

Clinique happy-Also a gift from my mother inlaw, this scent is sweet with a hint of floral. As you can see, I also use this everyday :-)

 These two colognes are both gifts. I rarely use cologne evidently shown here in the picture.LOL.

 Got this for free-small version of the Fleur Gucci. I slip this in my purse when I dont want to bring the entire bottle with me.

This scent is very light even if its a perfume. Fresh and citrusy. I also like this although I dont have a big bottle, this samples is good enough for me.

In the future, I would like to buy Gucci Envy and Ralp by Ralp Lauren. Something to buy for Christmas or my birthday.hehehehe.

Hope you enjoyed reading about perfumes!

Till my next post!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Stuff I bought from my Hongkong trip


 The Ring above is my current favorite. Bought this in Mongkok. There were a lot of amazing designs but I dont want to splurge. I think I bought more for my son than myself.:-)

These two rings cost me P620.00, which makes it just P310.00 each. Its a steal right?? Grr for me for not buying some more for gifts!! I am just scared to spend so much..but anyways, hoping I can go back to Hongkong and plan my purchases better.

This lovely Iphone case is just P350.00!! Again, I should have bought more right?? Silly me. I didnt even buy the 3d ones that are soo cool for Hamlets Ipod. Oh well...

My friends ask me to buy her SaSa makeup wipes which is around P210.00 each.

I am not familiar with this brand but I was told that its quite popular in Hongkong. I was convinced because of the word anti-fatigue!lol. The smell is so soothing and relaxing indeed. I also love that its not greasy. I use this after my Philosophy Serum. This is around P900.00

Now this perfume is my favorite of all. I have been wanting to buy this perfume ( I got my first one as a gift from my father in law) but its quite expensive here in Manila. Its around P4,500 if Im not mistaken. But I bought this at Bonjour store at Mongkok for P1,900 only since I was told its just for promo.

Now thats definitely worth it, dont you think??

Last but not the least, is this nice beaded thong sandals. Bought this for P930.00. I think I could have gotten this at a lower price if I was not so eager to leave Mongkok. We were gone for 2 hours and I know my son might start to miss me ( which means he might get into a fit and cry endlessly)

So we headed back to our hotel. We stayed at PB hotel. Which is affordable and the location is good as well. Clean, no fuss hotel. Wifi is not free though but its ok. We are always out of the hotel anyways.

If you are even in Hongkong. Dont forget Mongkok area and Shim Sha Stui (  Kowloon Area ) Hongkong has high end malls as well, which we were not able to go to! Maybe next time!

I will post the nail polishes I bought next time, as part of my favorites for MAY.

If you want to see the clothes, shoes, toys I got for Hamlet (for the Moms out Leave a comment and I will post it here!

I also bought shirts and perfume for my hubby (with a free bag) but will not post it anymore since its for Men.LOL.

Till my next post ladies!!

My Current Obsession!Milk Tea Craze!

With my Sister ( Dental Surgeon ) This Milk tea taste like Perfume! But Im such an addict, I still finished this large drink.hahahahaha.

In fairness, I only drank one. My hubby drank the other one :-). Its QQ ( 4 toppings) which is ok, but not my favorite and Okinawa with Lychee jelly. The one at far left is the Rock Salt drink with Cream cheese and cocoa powder. It tasted like chocolate mouse with a bit of salt.hahahaha.

I always add red bean because they add a certain flavor and sweetness. Yummy!
The lychee de coco is for the chewy factor! i like the Okinawa the best! The caramel is just right!

This is good but I like the CHA TIME version better.

Hokkaido is the brown sugar flavor. Good too!

For those that likes the plain tasting milk tea, Taiwan classic. But again, I like mine with Red Bean!

If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you know that Im a Milk Tea addict!!

I have never given  in to any fad or craze before (except for the GHOST hairstyle of Demi Moore back in College) until now!!

 I am a certified Milk tea addict! I drink Milk tea everyday and more than twice a day. Its my mid day snack or midnight snack or dessert! I have replaced coffee with this drink!

So far, I have tasted Cha time ( also in Hongkong) Share Tea, Zen Tea and Serenitea. One brand in Hongkong streets but its in Chinese so I cannot mention the brand. besides, it was Jasmine Milk tea and its taste like perfume to me.Bleh.

Anyways, if you havent tried it yet, you are in for a surprise. They are addictive! I find the mellow milk teas refreshing, especially now in the scorching heat! My personal favorite at Cha time is their Pearl Milk tea and Red bean Milk tea. I always add Nata or coconut jelly or coffee jelly.

Dont like their Taro, though I like Taro. It taste like cough medicine to me.LOL

For Share tea ( They deliver up to 10pm with low minimum of P300 so I order there more often)
I like the Red Bean matcha, Okinawa, Hokkaido. I tasted the Rock salt with Cocoa as well. Its ok, but I prefer the Milk teas. I dont particularly like the Taro with Fresh milk or even the one with Powdered Taro. Too bad, coz I love the Quickly Taro Milk Tea.

For Serenitea, I love love the Toasted Sesame!! Love the flavor! their Okinawa is really good too and Hokkaido. They call their toppings sinkers and their Pearls are much smaller than Cha Time and Share tea

Well, thats it ladies, just sharing my current obsession!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nars Eye Makeup remover

I got this sample size for free when I bought NARS orgasm blush and NIAGARA lispstick a few weeks back. I promised to review it and here it is. This makeup remover is amazing. A small amount can already remove any waterproof mascarra/eye shadow/eyeliner and its gentle on the skin.

I will definitely buy the full size! Its great that the NARS counter girl gave me this sample size to try it out. I am still using my VIT E  Makeup remover cream and Face shop makeup remover oil for the face.

So if you are looking for a good quality eye makeup remover try NARS. But if you are on a budget, you can also try these brands :

Maybelline, Loreal, Elianto. They are also good and cost much cheaper ;-)

Till my next post my lovelies!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Where have I been?

Helloe everyone!! Im back! OMG!!hahahaha, its been ages since the last time I posted anything, both here at my beauty blog and Art blog (

Ok, so First guys, I have been very busy with my one and only son, my hamlet. He needs my full attention for his therapy sessions/school and other activities. So basically, I went on Hiatus for awhile.LOL.

Second, we went to Hongkong with my family.Its was the most tiring 4 days of my life!hahahaha. Well, not actually. It was jsut so tiring to jumpacked all the places you want to go to, theme parks, go shopping and sight seeing to the places that all of the members of the family want to see and visit.

Plus, I was with Hamlet all this time. But it was good, fun and Im very happy after the trip.

I have been going to Hongkong since 1995, every year for the fashion ( I was working as a buyer for a retail company) but  the last time I was in Hongkong was 2007 before my wedding. So there were a lot of changes for sure. But like the last time, the Airport is really huge!
 First time for my son to fly and Im just so happy he gave no problem at all. TIP: If you have a toddler and have a planned trip abroad, show him some video clips of other children their age riding a plane. Show some pictures and pretend play, as if riding a plane so he knows wha to expect. Lots of toys or in my case, an IPAD is enough to entertain him. Plus, its only 2 hours getting to HK.

It was a super early flight, but my boy still managed to goof around with me and my sisters inside the plane. He was never bored so he is pretty behaved!

With my sister on our way to Mongkok to buy some toys and personal stuff at the ladies market
Im so proud of my sister ( I helped sending her to school) and she graduated Magna Cumlaude, Finished masters, Top of her class, and now Finishing his Doctorate degree, worked as an assistant dean at her school ( had to give up the post, since her son also needs full attention like my Hamlet)

She is 10 years my junior ( turning 30 late this year.Guess what my age
Enjoying the street food.

If you follow me in Instagram these pictures are not new anymore :-) Next post I will show you what I bought. But warning: I didnt buy a lot! Mostly, toys for my baby boy but I got some nice stuff :-)

Till my next post my lovelies!!