Thursday, September 30, 2010

Egg white facial, does it really give a face lift?

I have tried several egg white facial mask at home. I like the eggwhite+milk the best. if you dont like milk, you can add honey instead. It leaves my skin smooth with a tight sensation, that last about 15-20 minutes. I feel like I have botox all over my face, which is actually funny because I feel like my face was semi-frozen, if there is such a term.

Apart from the home made version, I also use NU SKIN's EGG WHITE FACIAL. Truthfully, I can't really see my pores shrinking that much, but the tight sensation is there. My face feels smooth and silky, especially when I combine it with milk.
It also lighthens my face a little bit as well. I have listed down some of the benefits of egg white facial, and they are as follows:


Egg whites are a good  source of protein so it can be used to heal and rebuild the skin and reduce or eliminate acne. But I tried using this, at the time that I have acne, I did not  really see any improvement after. So maybe if you do this weekly, it can help reduce the acne.

Tighten Pores

Egg whites contain the enzyme Lysozyme, which has been found to stop spoilage and acts as natural preservative in certain foods.  This characteristic is thought to carry over into skin care, preserving the skin's natural elasticity and tightening pores.

Soak up Oil

The protein content in egg whites help to absorb excess oil in the skin, leaving the face toned and fresh but not shiny. In fact, egg whites can also be applied to the face as a mild astringent. Maybe thats why I feel like my face is a shade lighter after  do this facial.

Temporary face lift

Egg whites can provide a temporary reduction in wrinkles. The protein hides wrinkles and gives skin a smoother look.

How to Use?

To make an egg white face treatment, crack open an egg and separate the yolk from the white. With a whisk, whip the white until foamy; then apply a thin layer to your face, or you can use a gauze & apply the eggwhite mask.

 Allow to dry for about 10 or 15 minutes. Then you can peel off the gauze along with your whiteheads/black heads.You can add other ingredients if you wish, like Honey, oatmeal or my favorite, which is Milk.

Drawback is the smell. And if you are allergic of course to chicken, and  of course to eggs, please dont try this.

But over all, I think its a cheap way to a smooth, Healthy looking skin. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Airbrush Makeup.. is it really that good??

Airbrush makeup looks very natural . Your skin looks flawless as if there is no makeup. Have you seen someone wearing a makeup that looks cakey or too powdery? Airbrush is not like that. It feels light on the skin, covers pimple marks , pores & fine lines plus it  last longer than the traditional makeup.

Though its not advisable for those that has big pimples, because this system delivers super fine particles of foundation that may irritate the skin.

But Yes its good, that is why almost all of the Hollywood celebrities uses this method. All the looks above are done using Temptu Pro airbrush makeup.

Downside is maintenance. Well, for the makeup artist. The gun must always be clean & properly stored. You must also handle it carefully,especially the gun because the needle is very delicate and it clogs easily.If you break it, you have to buy a new gun and its quite expensive.

The pro airbrush system is heavy, well, the heavy duty ones. Some of the other brands are light, but you can only use this for one hour or two. If you are on a shoot, or doing makeup for the entire entourage of a wedding,or even body makeup, that will not suffice.

If you are the client, airbrush is more expensive. My rate for airbrush makeup is P1,000 bucks higher than the traditional method.

Over all rate? Airbrush is perfect for brides that prefers a natural looking  makeup that will  last for the entire event. If you want a no makeup look, this is also what I will recommend.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Makeup Worskop!!

Im so excited to announce that I will behaving my first makeup workshop!!

I do beauty demos & one on one tutorials for private groups, but this workshop is something new because this time, Im inviting everybody who would like to learn how to enhance their features, change their look & be more confident!!

The workshop packages includes
a makeup kit, brushes & basic tools, snacks, lunch & certificate.

Pls  check my fan page in Facebook, Beauty makeup and so much more for the details of this event.

There will be free gifts, discounts as well & I promise an afternoon of fun and beauty.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Amy Doreen Wedding

I recently did the makeup for AMy & Sam's muslim wedding. I did Amy's trial makeup as well.
It was my first time to attend a Muslim wedding and it was a good experience meeting Amy and Sam as well as  their wonderful family.

They are all very nice,accomodating and very punctual :-)

Congratulations and best wishes to Amy and Sam!!

My Favorite Makeup Remover and short review

Currently, my favorite makeup remover by far is from  Elianto. This is my 3rd bottle already.As you can see in the picture, its totally used up. Now  I like this product because, A. It removes waterproof mascarra easily without tugging my skin.

B.It has promegranate extract which is a powerful anti-oxidant, so it cleanses my skin & makes  smoother at the same time. and C. I love the scent of this product. Plus t P399.00 for 100 ml is not that expensive & it's totally worth it.

Second product I want to talk about is Body shop's Camomile "gentle makeup remover for eyes & lips.  I "use to love" this product, note the "past tense" in that sentence. Its because, when I recently bought it again, I regret buying it. Im quite ashamed because I really endorse this product..but when I used it recently, it gave me this Burning feeling on my skin & it did not remove my waterproof mascarra as well as before.The price for 250ml is P550.00 which is even cheaper than Elianto if you think about it. But, this product totally failed me.I use it occassionally but not on my eyes-which defeits the purpose really.

Maybe because I am using Retinol skincare now,so my skin is really sensitive, but the Elianto makeup remover is still very gentle on my skin & did not give me that buring feeling, like this one.

The Oil of Olay makeup remover, at P699,is really steep. But I got this for free when I bought my Regenerist night cream. At first it was also great because it has anti aging  ingredients & it does remove makeup & mascarra, you just have to massage it a bit.  But, one day, when I checked the label, I saw that it has parabens & mineral oil, I got turned off because parabens & mineral oil are harmful to your skin.Its a cheap lubricant & these ingredients can clog your pores.I was so dissapointed because I love Olay products.

I also tried Shue Emura Cleansing oil, but I dont  like the "greasy" oil residue feel on my skin, though it removes waterproof makeup well. The LOREAL makeup remover is also good and its P399.00 for 100ml.

I also love Lancome makeup remover, but the price is too steep for me. So, my tip is try a small bottle of makeup remover or if they have a tester before buying a big one, because you dont want to be saddled with a product you will never use again.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Simple steps for Flawless Complexion

Not everybody is born with perfect flawless skin. Most of us have to work at it. Yes makeup can help, but its still best to maintain our skin healthy. So I have listed my simple steps on how to achieve a flawless look.

1.Always Start with a good skin care regimen.

Look for a cleanser that can exfoliate your face gently & hydrate a the same time. There are a lot of products nowadays that offers anti-aging properties in their facial cleansers.

I personally use Olay Regenerist It also has small beads that exfoliates the skin. NU skin has a facial wash that uses Vit C to lighten, hydrate & cleanse face all the same time. But this is too pricey for me.

Dont forget to exfoliate to get rid of those dead skin. We shed dead skin everyday & we need to aid this process for new skin to emerge.It also helps produce more collagen.

2.Moisturize, moisturize!
When I was in my 20's I don't moisturize at all. BIG mistake people.
You don't have to wait till your 30 before you even think of buying a moisturizer. Also, people with oily skin tend to think that they do not need to moisturize. Guess what?WRONG!

Moisturizers will hydrate your skin..not make it more oily. If your skin is oily, you just need to find an oil free moisturizer or a water based or gel form kind to minimize the oily feeling on your skin. That is a very common misconception ladies!

Bodyshop has lightweight serum,I use this personally, this is mostly water, aloe & other natural organic ingredients that can help sooth, hydrate & lighten the skin. At Beauty bar, they have a VIT A gel for the eyes. Great for minimizing fine wrinkles plus it feels so cool.This gel reduces puffiness around the eyes. Just avoid heavy creams my lovelies if you have oily skin.

3.Use a good foundation and concealer.
I have pimple marks myself, but I just know how to "conceal" it to fake flawless skin.
Laura mercier has a very good camouflage concealer that is matte for under eye circles.

Bobbi brown peach concealer is also good. I use MAC Nc30, though it can be too "creamy" for some people. I just use a tiny bit.

For foundations, I use kryolan Ultra. This is in cream form & makes your face look dewy. I use this because I prefer a dewy look rather than a powder matte look. Unless its a Photo shoot, i stick to a natural dewy look.

Revlon color stay foundation is good, as well as their custom creation foundation. I sometimes use this as well.

It helps to emulsify the product by rubbing it between your fingers or at the back of your palm. You don't have to slather the foundation all over your face..just spot correct,like a concealer.

If you have oily skin-use an oil free foundation. Dry skin-cream or liquid is fine. Matured skin, look for foundations that has peptides that can plump sagging skin.

4.Use a Primer-Well, certainly not everyday, but primers are made of silicone and peptides, that coats the skin for even application of makeup. It makes the makeup adhere well on your skin so that it last longer. Smashbox primer is in gel form and this is my favorite. Its also oil free.They have a lot of colors to correct skin discolorations, but I personally use the clear gel. They have a new one that covers big pores, but its not available in the Philippines yet. :-(

5.Contour & highlight
Most of us filipinos, esp if we are already tan, we don't use bronzers. But matte bronzers, when used right can add dimension to the face, which is great for correcting face shape imperfections.
It can also add a glow to your face, just use it conservatively.

Highlighting add glow as well, so I recommend highlighting these parts;Bridge of nose, cupids bow, brow bone, cheekbones, center of forehead, chin & inner corners of the eyes. Powder or cream is fine. Skip the cream if your skin is oily.
6.Stay fresh by using an oil blotter.
I always carry with me an oil blotter. I use clean & clear. Recently, one bride showed me a cute oil blotter from kleenex. Its even cheaper that clean & clear. Just check Watson's or other stores for oil blotters. Bodyshop has one, but its a little pricey.

7.Pressed powder!
Use a press powder with SPF for daily use. Matte is ideal. I use Makeup forever matte powder foundation. But if this is too expensive for you, there are a lot of good drugstore powders like Loreal, Revlon and Maybelline.

8.Facial Spritz

Ok, so we dont normally have this. But its so always hot in Manila. I personally carry my own evian, so that when I feel so hot or dry, I just spray it on, to look & fell fresh. Bodyshop has a Vit c facial spritz, so I only use this when Im in an event :-) and I have to look my best. Otherwise, my evian is fine.

You can also make you own! Just buy an atomizer, add a drop or two of perfume oil, peppermint or mandarin, and viola! your dupe for these sort of expensive sprays.

9.Use sunscreen
Dont skip this part. Always always wear sunscreen under your makeup. Sometimes I forget, but trust me my lovelies, sunscreen will do a lot to maintain your young looking skin. SPF on makeup is not enough. It can only protect you for a couple an hour of two, but once your skin secretes oil & sweat, it can easily get rubbed off. Better to use a broad spectrum uva uvb sunscreen. I use NIVEA Spf 50 on my face & SPF 30 on my body, everyday.

So, there you have it ladies. I hope this helps!

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Till my next post! Stay Beautiful ladies!!