Sunday, September 26, 2010

Airbrush Makeup.. is it really that good??

Airbrush makeup looks very natural . Your skin looks flawless as if there is no makeup. Have you seen someone wearing a makeup that looks cakey or too powdery? Airbrush is not like that. It feels light on the skin, covers pimple marks , pores & fine lines plus it  last longer than the traditional makeup.

Though its not advisable for those that has big pimples, because this system delivers super fine particles of foundation that may irritate the skin.

But Yes its good, that is why almost all of the Hollywood celebrities uses this method. All the looks above are done using Temptu Pro airbrush makeup.

Downside is maintenance. Well, for the makeup artist. The gun must always be clean & properly stored. You must also handle it carefully,especially the gun because the needle is very delicate and it clogs easily.If you break it, you have to buy a new gun and its quite expensive.

The pro airbrush system is heavy, well, the heavy duty ones. Some of the other brands are light, but you can only use this for one hour or two. If you are on a shoot, or doing makeup for the entire entourage of a wedding,or even body makeup, that will not suffice.

If you are the client, airbrush is more expensive. My rate for airbrush makeup is P1,000 bucks higher than the traditional method.

Over all rate? Airbrush is perfect for brides that prefers a natural looking  makeup that will  last for the entire event. If you want a no makeup look, this is also what I will recommend.

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  1. love the look i guess it would be worth the money