Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Newspaper print with black ink tips~

Same design as before but I added black nailpolish at the tips! I saw this design from Chalkboard nails! check her out! love love her designs!!

This is so easy to do! just go to youtube and you can see a lot of tutorials there! Bought some more polishes! ( its so addictive!! ) and will do a nail haul next time!

I will swatch my new polishes next time!

Till my next post ladies!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Newspaper print Nail Art

 Im intrigued with this design and cant wait to try it out. My base is white from Sally hansen, 2 coats. Then I just cut out several pieces of newspaper and with a cotton buds dip it in alcohol and applied it onto the newspaper and next to my nails,pressing it down for about 8-10 seconds.

This is my right hand.

Fishtail,Chevron Nail art

I tried doing the Chevron/Fishtail technique.Honestly I didnt like the outcome very much. Maybe its the color combination that i used.

I took it off after a few hours and made another Chevron Nail Art. But I was not able to capture it with my canon camera.But nevertheless,I will post it next time!

Colors I used:

Revlon Lilac, Orly Charged up and Revlon Orchid.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nail Haul Part 2

Revlon stunning-Holograhic round glitters with small silver glitters. Lovely topcoat to a boring manicure.

Sasa peach orange color. Bought this in Hongkong at Sasa.

Reddish brown color from Sasa as well.

Peachy from Revlon. An Peachy orange shade.

Jaded. A mint green shade. Looks very cool and great base color.

A nice shade of blue from Sasa as well.

Purple glitter gel base from sasa. Can we worn alone or as topcoat.

I will swatch these polishes next time!! I have another Nail haul for you guys but its the last one!

Till next time ladies!!

Revlon Top Speed Orchid

Revlon Top Speed in Orchid is a beautiful Pink with Purple undertones. The top Speed variant or line are the qiuck drying type. Actually it dries almost instantly. The problem with this pearlized finish is that it bubbles :-(

So to masked the buble I topped it with Revlon radiant. A glitter polish with silver and blue glitters.
It turned out great so I like it better.  This polis is P349.75 and the non top speed is 299.75.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Revlon Posh

The blue glitter is Revlon radiant.

I tried using Revlon Golden at the tips for a gradient effect. I didnt like it very much so I removed it after taking a picture.

Im enjoying Nail art a lot these days and I have a lot to learn. If you havent tried it yet, try the simple ones because its fun and you can express your creativity thru nail art!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Watercolor Nail Art

Another experiment! I saw the watercolor technique from the internet and I wanted to try it out.
My base is Revlon dreamer (ligt blue) and then I just use these colors: Faceshop Dark blue, Orly fushia, Faceshop gold and Sally Hansen yellow. I dab a drop and smear it with acetone using a sable brush.

Hope you like it!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sparkly glitters!

I bought these blue and glitter nail polishes and Id like to swatch it first before I make a design.
The pastel blue is dreamer from Revlon, Purple gel glitter nail polish ( feels like gel when you touch it ) is from Sasa Hkg and the blue green glitter is also from Revlon.

I decided to wear this look for a day before I took it off. After all, it looked good to me.I like the mis matched effect. And did I mention that I love glitters? lol.

Revlon Dreamer Nail Polish is a pastel..

Revlon Radiant is a glitter top coat. You need several coats to get a nice opaque sparkly look.

Till my next post ladies!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Marble technique

Loving Nail art these days, so expect to see more!

My first attempt to do the marble technique, under a black base (Sally hansen)
But instead of using water I just used a pin and swirl the polish around while its still wet.

Polished I used:
Revlon Golden, Posh, Blue and Orly fushia.

I liked it and wore it for days! Hope you like it too! Next time I will be using my Canon DS so that I can capture it in HD.

Till my next post ladies!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nail polish Haul 1

I scored some new nail polishes and I will post them in 3 parts.:-)

China glaze Candie - I love this peach,silver and light blue glitters.
Revlon Sheer cotton - Its like a pearl white
Revlon Golden polish - Its an antique gold  polish.love love this!
Revlon Lily is a nice pastel lilac. Love this color.

Sally Hansen black and white and Sassy white, purple and pink nail art polish and Color Club silver glitter nail art.

I love all of these color and I will swatch them next time!

Hope you like my post!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mango Sale and My OOTD!

Cotton tank with viole ruffless at the front. It really hugs your curves so I got 1 size bigger. Of course, If I decide to wear this, I have to make sure Im not bloated or have a full meal.LOL.

I like this knitted top.The V neck is just right, not too low and it sits just above my missing cleavage.hahahaha.

Mango has been on sale for a month before I decided to check it out. Naturally when I got there, most of the sizes and good stuff are all gone! sigh. Nevertheless, I was able to get these 2 blouse and shorts for only P2,400! Top at 50-60% off, shorts at 60% off.

This was my outfit when I went shopping. Zara top, Bayo shorts, old navy belt anf Forever 21 boots.
My leather bag is from Italy.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Candy stripes!

This reminds me of candy mints! Colors I used, Revlon Lilac, Revlon Coral, Revlon Orchid and Orly Apple green and Blue.

The white is from Sally hansen.

I actually wore this design for days! Before I took it off I applied a silver glitter polish from Revlon.

Hope you like this design!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gradient Nails!

My first try to do gradient Nail Art. I love this color and if you dont, maybe its time to try it!

Before I took it off, I wanted to experiment with other colors, so I used Revlon Red, Revlon Peach, Orly blue and Orly apple green.

Expect to see more of my nail art expieriments!!