Monday, April 25, 2011

Reggie's Pre-Debut

This is my favorite picture of her. 

I met Reggie thru my friend/collegue David Fabros. David was the photographer and we shot these pictures at..guess where? Victoria court! Yup! The room was huge and we had a blast shooting reg's pre debut photo shoot.  She wanted vintage and fresh looks, hence the makeup style. Hair was done by David.

Even without makeup, Reggie reminds me of a young Eva Mendes. Reggie has a good skin considering her hectic schedule. She studies at Ateneo Law. Truly a brains and beauty gal!

Princess & brides Fair, April 2011

 Last April 15-17, I was at a Bridal Fair at Megatrade Hall in Megamall. I was glad that the event was a success and I met a lot of brides and was able to get information on their concerns, needs and wants. As a hair & makeup artist, these kind of insights help me improve my craft and look for ways that can help them find what they need.

I offered FREE traditional and Airbrush makeup. All of the brides that I met and signed on the spot availed of the airbrush makeup. Im posting a few of the brides who availed of the free Makeup trial.

Bride Carla's concern is her oily skin. So I used a water based airbrush makeup for a matte finish. I just redefined the brows and enhanced her natural features. On her wedding day, I would probably focus on her eyes because for me, that's her best feature. And maybe add more blush and mantain the lip color-which she likes very much. As you can see, airbrush makeup will give you a natural finish. Why airbrush? Its lightweight, looks natural and flawless. Its long lasting, will not smudge or smear and will not clog pores, if done right.

Bride Jill's concern is her small eyes. The trick there is the right eyeliner technique, light inner rim, falsies and  mascara. Of course, my favorite trick is the  shimmer at inner corners to make eyes look more awake and bigger.

This is not yet the hairstyle we will do for her wedding. I just tied her hair back just to show her more or less how it look like if we tied her hair back. This is also Airbrush makeup.

 For dana, I was not able to get a before picture without makeup. Her makeup is Airbrush and traditional combination.   She has combination  skin so I used a silicone type of airbrush makeup (temptu)

Since her Tzone tends to get very oily at the end of the day,what to do is just blot excess oil. The makeup is still intact and will not budge. On her wedding day, since I know already the behavior of her skin, I just need to mattify her face with HD powder.

Now, why does many brides choose Airbrush instead of traditional method?  Lets just say that airbrush makeup is indestructable and perfect for brides who are looking for a natural looking and long lasting makeup.

I conduct hair and  makeup trials at my studio in Pasig. You can book your appointment thru my cell 09189485728 or email me at

Till my next post my lovelies!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chezy Sy-Luna Wedding

I dont think I was able to post Chez's wedding here at my blog. So I am posting these pics (not the official photos) Better late than never!

Airbrush makeup by me and hair by Edwin Sayson.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Prenup, Alica and Tabs at Crystal waters

I posted the photos that I took myself or by Angel Javelosa. Visit my website,  or Beauty makeup and so much more in Facebook for more photos. For the official photos from Ariel Javelosa  check out their fan page in facebook.

We shot the photos at Crystal waters, Clark. We left Manila at 5:30 am at head on out to Clark. Good thing it was a sunny day so we had plenty of natural light.

Some behind the scenes photos ...