Monday, August 20, 2012

18th birthday Hair & Makeup

I trimmed and shaped her brows a bit but I really want to preserve the natural thick brows she has and just combed it with Macs brow set. I dont want her to look overly matured by shaping it too much.

The gown with its sweetheart neckline and her red lips might overdo it. I want a fresh face even if her lips is red. :-)

Alexa and her sister Kara (?) is celebrating their 18th brithday in a joined party and Alexas mom booked me to do hair & makeup for the two girls. Since I will be bringing my Hamlet along, I decided to hire Lorybelle, my Hair & makeup partner. She is my classmate at the Australian College and I always get her if I have weddings and event as well.

Anyways, I dont have the before photo, but I posted it anyways. Lorybelle did Alexas hair & makeup.


Red lips was the request of Kara coz her gown was red and black. So the eyes is really simple, I used Guerlain smoked quad and big lashes. Actually in person the makeup is more vibrant and the red lips really stand out.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nail Haul!!

Moonlit Madness from Orly. Vampy rich red
Old Country Club Khaki  -A nice Nude Color

 Rage-a shimmer polish

Lemon from Orly! nice creamy yellow!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Orly Country Club Khaki and Rage

Country club khaki is a very sweet nude and I just love it. But of course I had to jazz up my mani by combining it with Rage-A champagne gold shimmer polish.

Revlon Pink Lingerie

This is a sift pink with peach undertones. Its still safe and neutral if you ask me and if you are looking for a polish you can wear at work or school, this is the shade for you :-)

Sorry for not posting in a long time though. Manila was beset with floods because of the continous rains and our internet connection was down for awhile.

Anyways, till my next post ladies!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Whats in my Makeup Bag?

My only issue is that this lipstick leaks. ut the color is absolutely gorgeous! It stays on all day althought it can be a bit drying so I just apply a lip balm before I used this lipstick.

I swatched it above. You only need a small amount.

My favorite lipbalm, Burts bees with tint.
 Retractable brush that I can used for powder and blush. I clean this every other day.
  Loreal Super liner-Not waterproof.
  I prefer this type of tip for liquid eyeliners.
  Faceshop dark brown Liquid eyeliner.
  Maybelliner super curl mascarra. I love this!
Obviously my favorite, Blush delice from Loreal. Sheer blush that has a slight shimmer and very similar to Nars Orgasm.

Of course, I have my trusted MAC studio fix for touch ups, eyelash curler from Shue, Eye lubricant ( I wear lenses) Shaver , The Bodyshop highlighter ( I dont like a super matte look for this gives me a subtle glow )

The bodyshop lipgloss--This gloss takes me back to a time when I was I went to the states, LA, Las Vegas to the East coast--New york, Brooklyn and Jersey. It was one of my favorite time ever--coz this is the only gloss/lipstick I use back then. Funny right?

My other go to lipstick -- Loreal Rosewood. I love how this lipstick moisturizes my lips at the same time. I can blot it on my lips for a stain look or apply it as is, as my neutral lipstick. This is my 3rd bullet!

I hope you enjoy this post! Till next time ladies!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pastel Floral Nail Art

Colors I used are Orly lemon, Orly charged up (purple) and Revlon Lily (lilac) These 2 shades are my absolute favorite these days!

Hope you like it as much as I do!

Till next time ladies!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chevron,Fishtail Nail Art-Free hand

I like the moody color combination very much. I used Faceshop Dark red as base. I had to do 3 coats to get the bloody red shade that I like. Then I used a taupe brown shade from Orly, prince charming, then a reddish brown shade from Sasa and last Orly Maharaja (dark brown)

It looks complicated but its quite easy to do. You just need a steady hand.

Hope you like this design!

Recent Gig-Wedding in Tagaytay!

Wedding in Tagaytay

 My bride, Claire. I used Airbrush makeup :-)

Sorry photos were taken using my Iphone! Did hair and makeup with my partner/friend lorybelle in Tagaytay ( popular wedding destination in the Philippines)

Will share more photos as soon as I get then from my bride!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tape Mani!

Photo was taken using my Iphone so its not very clear. This is one of the earlier nail art I made.
Chinaglaze glitter polish, Color club glitter silver nail art polish and Sally hansen black.

You can do a lot of designs using a simple household item, yes! Scotch tape and toothpick!!

Anyways, I forgot to post this so Im posting it now! Hope you guys like this!