Monday, April 30, 2012

Change of look? Why not change your brows??huh??

Ok, let me clarify.Sometimes, us women, we want a change of look. For whatever reason, there are times, we want a fresh start or we just want to look better but a little different. Wether boredom or just experimentation, we all go through this stage. You know, we change our hair color, cut our hair or even wear lenses and maybe hair extensions.

I posted awhile back that you can soften your features by bleaching your brows or re-shaping.
Let me give you some examples, starting with...who else, me!

Above picture of mine, no makeup, natural brows.

If I want to look young (above picture was my makeup look when I had a makeup seminar/personality development seminar for their sales force at Wrangler Philippines) I do this trick:

Follow the natural shape of your brows but make it a bit thicker. Follow natural arch of your brows
 ( the highest point) if its naturally high, fill it in but slighter lower.

Can you see the my brows is slightly more straight than the natural shape above?I even lowered my arch a bit. This type of brows is commonly seen on korean, Japanese women and quite typical on Asian women.

If you want to look more sophisticated and polished, a well shaped brows, like the one above will do the trick. Not too thin nor too thick. Just right and slightly lighter is the best way to go. Here I bleached my brows, thicher at the start,with a peak.

Tip: Start of brows is the same line as the side of your nose. This balances the face, makes your nose look slimmer and you look more matured (not old, just more polished and sophisticated)

Here I wanted my brows to look Vintage, classic inspired by old Hollywood. Think Marlyn Monroe. But I dont want to over do it, nor to look like a blast from the past, so Lets customize it a bit.

Notice my brow arch is higher,more pointed and pronounced. But I wanted it to look natural and not drawn so the start of the brows, you can see the hair--I defined it with a slightly darker brow mascarra to make the hair appear thicker.

I added a light reflecting shadow at my brow bone as well starting at  the bottom middle part. I did this makeup look for a Vintage hair tutorial so I thought this makeup look is appropriate.

But this is how I usually groom my brows. Not to thick or too thin. Color is 2 shades lighter than my hair color, I use brow set from Mac and fill it in with brow powder.

Starting at the side of my nose, the end is parralel to  the sides if my nose. Hmm, to explain further, get a ruller or a makeup brush, place one end at the side of your nose and slant the other end towards the end of your brows. Thats how long your brows should be, more or less. Again, this is just a guide for you.

Next post I will show you how to shape your brows for a more dramatic look that will complement your face shape. But this time, I will need to take new pictures.

Hope you find this post useful!

Friday, April 27, 2012

lip balm and gloss in one!

In my previous post I mentioned that my lips is very dry and I always use a lip balm (the bodyshop) to sooth my lips. But sometimes i want to use something that has color, so Im loving this Burts Bees lip balm because its almost like a gloss.

When applied using a lip brush, it will give you a sheer berry red color that complements your natural lip color. Downside though if you have dark lips, the color might not show thru.

Plus price is a bit steep P650. But if your looking for an all natural ingredient, this product is the one for you.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Guerlain haul-Meteorites,primer and many more!

Im like a little girl with a new barbie doll! Im so giddy and happy with my new Guerlain Goodies!
The above picture is their meteorites powder! Lovely smell, lovely packaging and so cute miniature balls!!

This is an eyeshadow palette thats just so luxurious looking! Its in Gold packaging and the eyeshadow colors are sooo nice! love love love!!Next post will be swatches and makeup looks!!

 This shades are very versatile.You can use them for everyday, special occassion or ay day you want to feel and look special!

Meterorites primers! I saw a lot of great reviews from Youtube and cant wait to give you my thoughts on this babies!

 Do you see the small gold particles suspended in the gel?? its real 18K gold!! Isnt that amazing??!!

This is their highlighter pen. based on the reviews I read, its comparable to YSL highlighter pen, which has a cult follower.One of them is Victorie Beckham.

Soooo very excited with all these makeup I scored and will definitely give you guys a more detailed review soon!!

Till my next post, Stay beautiful Ladies!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A versatile Red Lipstick indeed!

#53 Lipstick from The Body Shop. This shade is great for those with warm/yellow skintones like me.

Dont let this lipstick fool you. It looks dark but once you apply it on, the color glides on smoothly and gives you a sheer shade of berry red,almost like a gloss.

What is good about it is you can build the color on the intensity that you like. You can wear this type of red during the day or at night.

The above picture shows you the berry red shade you can get if you want a more intense color. I just applied the liptick straight from the bullet. It has a natural shine that I like. Im not really a fan of matte lipsticks because my lips is dry all the time.

The picture above shows you how it looks like if you want a BITTEN look. 

For a BITTEN look-Apply the lipstick with a blotting effect and smudge the lipstick on to your entire lips.then get a lipbrush and then apply the color at the inner part of your lower lip.

This will emphasize the redness of your inner lip, and will look like you have just eaten a red candy or chiklet gum.LOL. thats a bitten look.

For a sheer effect: Use a lip brush and use one coat. This gives you a gloss like red stain because it has a slight shine.

For matte effect:Dab with powder or blot with tissue and apply again.

For stain effect:Apply the lipstick using a lipbrush then blot with tissue. You nee to remove the lipstick on top of your lips.This will leave a slight RED STAIN, and this is what you can stain effect.

Verdict? A very versatile kind of red. If you are not use to wearing red lipstick, this is a great alternative. And you can wear it in many different ways. It also moisturizes and conditions my lips.

Good price at P800 and can be bought at any The Body shop boutiques.

Excuse the quality of the the photos :-(

I used my Iphone since , I didnt have time to take a picture using my Canon.

This is my first time to buy a Nars lipstick. I was looking for a sheer coral shade for everyday, and this is my current default lipstick.

Its a sheer lipstick but the color is buildable (meaning you can adjust the intensity of the color by applying several times) and it looks very natural, feminine and fresh. If you are afraid to wear coral shades, NIAGARA is a good alternative and can be worn for work, school or even at night - with  smokey eyes.

Plus, Orange/Coral is one of the color trend this year! Its a great shade and flattering on almost all skin tones.

Downside is the price.P1,350. Other than that,  this is a great buy for me, I even use this as a blush :-)

Where to get it:  Rustans Shangrila.

Thanks lovelies, till my next post!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trial Makeup for Dianne-Fresh & Clean

Dianne resides in Melbourne Australia and I was booked as her makeupartist thru a common contact (wedding coordinator) friend of ours.

My style fore Bridal makeup is best described as clean, fresh and natural looking. The above makeup is a soft smokey for the ceremony. For the reception, we will chage Diannes look into appropriate for evening.

For her foundation, I used OCC and Graftobian Airbrush makeup. Since the trend now is a warm peach sort of makeup, plus it flatters almost all skin tones, this is what I used on her.

For eyes its a warm champagne gold and crease color is a pinkish gold eyeshadow to warm up the eyes and match the blush.Matte brown to define the crease. Brown gel liner at the bottom and bronze gold shimmer shadow and same matte brown.

 close up look of the eye makeup.

from left to right:Matte brown,pinkish gold shade and a warm champagne base.

Nars Orgasm sheer blush and Nars  Niagara lipstick in sheer finish. The lipstick is actually lighter than that when worn, but the color is buildable.

Mascarra-Maybelline and a natural false eyelashes.
Lipstick-Niagara from Nars and gloss from Smashbox.

Till my next post my lovelies!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Goodies from Nars and Benefit!

Picked up some makeup supplies at Rustans yesterday. I admit, Im very frugal and selective when it comes to buying makeup. I dont even give into fads or I dont even buy the latest makeup. I treat it as "supplies" rather than a "collection".

I scan beauty blogs, reviews and  interview/ask fellow makeup artist before I buy a particular brand or makeup. I also review my inventory/collection before I buy to make sure I dont splurge and just get only what I need.

If you watch videos in youtube and see makeup collection videos, you will be surprise on how many makeup some girls have. As I makeup artist I only have very few makeup.

But this year, I want to be more experimental when it comes to makeup brands. I dont have any benefit or Nars makeup so I decided to buy some of their best sellers.

oh and I got a free sample of their makeup remover. Keep you posted if its worth to buy.

From Nars, the orgasm blush and Niagara lisptick-safe and tested. Benefit stay dont stray eyeshadow and concealer primer. I used my earning from my last gig and bought new "supplies".

I will swatch the Nars blush and show you some dupes and a review on the eye primer soon!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Collective Haul-Neutrogena,The bodyshop,Sally Hansen & Orly etc

Product Review:Trucco Waterproof Liner in Rebel

Ok, I had to much fun with the camera. And please ignore my slightly oily skin.hahahaha. I had my makeup on for 5 hours and its scortching HOT nowadays. Im wearing my favorite TRUCCO shade, REBEL. This is a waterproof semi matte brownish red.

If your looking for a shade of RED, this shade is what I will reccommend. Its great for us asians with yellow undertones.

 Im just having so much fun here...hahahaha.

 with flash this shade looks like an orange red.
without flash, its more of a dark red.

Can you see how much I love this lip pencil?? hahahaha. I bought this way back from a friend who sells cosmetics and Im not sure if Rustans Beauty Bar still carries this line. Anyways, I will just enjoy this liner until I used it up :-)

Review:Revlon Colorburst lipstick, Fushia

This is not a new product but I have been loving this lipstick lately I had to share. This is the swatch without flash..
 With Flash..
I love the packaging, its a matte black with criss cross etching,very chic.

Notice that my lips looked bigger than they actually are? I used an old makeup trick-Line slightly outside your lipline,not too much otherwise it will look soo fake and drag-like.

 Try this makeup look-Simple eyes and bright lip. 
Makeup I used:
Eyeshadow-Champagne shadow and a matte brown shadow both from Smashbox.
I tight lined my eyes with faceshop brown eyeliner ( this technique defines the eyes but still looking natural and make lashes appear thicker)
Mascarra:Telecospic Mascarra from loreal.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weekend Photos+MLOTD+hairstyle

I am having so much fun with LOREAL liquid liner that I purchased recently. Unfortunately, I did not look at what the counter girl gave me and later found out the liner I have is ot smudge or waterproof.
Downside-At the end of the day, the liner dissapears!! Because its so hot here in Manila, when I perspire, the liner melts!

Upside:Easy to apply and you can create a lot of liner looks!Which is what I will do in my next post!

Have you tried the sock bun??? Let me know if you want a tutorial!!

My makeup look of the day last thursday!

Having lunch at Shakeys before my son's swimming lessons. Hope you enjoy these photos!!