Thursday, August 29, 2013

Eating clean!

I started eating clean last Feb of this year. For me that means, less processed food, sweets and junk food. I prep meals ( will post next time) and cook my meals so I know how its cooked ( less oil, salt and sauces )

All pictures are taken using my Iphone--You can check my IG account Hamhamgirl. I post my meals/recipes there almost everyday. Its faster for me, I just snap a photo with my phone, and I can post it immediately.

Above photo is my version of shrimp salad, below is an example of my breakfast.4 eggwhites, 1 yolk, multigrain bread and mushrooms. Of coursem lots of

Another typical dish for me is the one above. Brocolli,petchay and beef stir fry :-)

Next time, will post more pics, with recipes!!

Till next time!

Crane Pose-Being A Yoga Newbie.

First and foremost, sorry for not posting in a looong while. Been very busy :-)

Yoga is my favorite workout from the 90X program because its physically fulfilling for me. My body can do poses I never dreamed I can do. I can only practice Yoga once a week but hopefully this Septemeber, I can practice daily. To force me to do this, I will be doing a 30 day challenge again-I did my first 30 days challenge last July.

Crane pose-This arm balance is a favorite of mine. It develops your upperbody strength,balance and core. I did a 30 day Challenge last July/August, learning different poses everyday. I plan to do it again since Im really rusty with my Yoga.hahaha. Like any other skill, daily practice is needed if one wants to get better at it.

To see more fitness photos, recipes, exercise routine, follow my IG account, hamhamgirl. I update that daily. Till next time!

Live long and Proseper!! ( hahaha, just watched Star Trek into darkness.Sorry )