Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jill and Chica at the Philip Morris event

Last Friday I got asked to do makeup for some ladies at the Philip Morris event at Sofitel. I did the hair and makeup for these 2 wonderful, lovely ladies, Chika and Jill.  Chika's makeup is sort of a 50's glam makeup, but I modernized the eyes and added sparkle. The hair was Veronica lake inspired.

Jill's makeup is very chic. Silver eyes and bright fushia lips to match her gown. And since the event is held at Sofitel ballroom, lights would be yellow of course.That is why I made the makeup a bit intense than usual, since the lights will diffuse the makeup!

TIP: for night event, do not use a makeup with SPF. It will reflect light and will make your face look abit washed or lighter than usual, because the titanium dioxide (responsible for the spf ingredient) will reflect light. Also, use a primer so that your makeup last longer.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sarah's 18th birthday!!

I wanted  Sarah to look glamourous and  modern .
 For the face : I used Smashbox HD foundation and Mac studio fix powder. For the eyes, I use Smashbox bronze at the crease and  Mac paint pot in bare study. I did a drop smokey eye design and loaded her lash line with lots of black liner, smoldering from Mac and mac fluidline. 

For the lashes, I combined Maybelline mega volume mascara blue bionic mascara from Smashbox. I did not line her upper lash line, just lots of mascarra and  fake lashes. The blush is Revlon in sienna, lips in revlon nude and mac lip glass gloss.

Sarah is very pretty and very down to earth and I didnt have a hard time doing her makeup because she knows exactly what to do.  If I dont know better, I would say she is like a pro! I also did the makeup for her mom and  sister in law :-)

Friday, November 19, 2010

MEG Generation, Fashion Reality Show

I did Athena's makeup and this is her before picture. She had great skin ans she is  also, very tall. :-) She was such a professional, doing her makeup was such a breeze.

The light washed the makeup :-) but the eyes is smoldering..
Before picture. The concept was arabic eyes. I had very little time to do the makeup, as in 35 minutes..

This picture was taken before the rehearsals. No lipstick yet..

Just applied gloss-she is still due for rehearsals. I look soo tired, I woked up at 5:30am that day, and got lost .  I arrived  super late.  Good thing the models were busy fitting and was still finishing breakfast ( yup, these models eat!! hahaha )   so I didnt miss a lot.LOL.

These are the judges. I did the makeup of Miss SAri yap (at the center) and several of her appearances.
I  was a little nervouse at first. but Im glad she likes my makeup ;-)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Forest green inspired makeup for Holiday/Fall

This color is great for fall/holiday because its festive & sparkling! I used MAC pigment & smashbox green & brown eye shadows. The lipstick is toffee from Maybellines & my blush is also from smashbox. My falsies is from fashion21 (local brand)

As usual, my foundation is makeup forever & my powder is MAC & cinema secrets.

For the complete tutorial, visit my youtube channel, thehamham36 or search my name,ochie laraya.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Candice Adea,our very own prima ballerina


Last August I got a call from MEGA magazine & an email about a shoot for Candice Adea.She is one of the few Prima ballerina in the country. She recently won a silver medal at a ballet competition in the US.  

The day of the shoot I woke a  up at 6am, left the house at 7am and arrived at PICC past 8am.  I found Candice making use of her precious time...taking a nap. She had been doing rehearsals non-stop, 8-10 hours a day, 6 days a week. Wow, that is real hard work. 

with JM, her partner and boyfriend and of course  me!! :-) I look like a cow beside Candice.LOL.
JM became a ballet dncer because of the many hourse spent waiting for Candice, he thought what better way to spend more time together,than dance together right?  Smart guy.

I couldnt  post the pictures right away because MEGA has yet to publish the issue last October.

I just took a picture of the article .Its the Oct issue of Mega. Check it out!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Katy Perry Inspired Silver Eye look

Self Love :-)

Just me, self love.
Hahaha,Not bad for a 37 years old. In this picture, I look like a carrot.LOL.My Hair color is too bright..well for me. The Funny thing is, it was professionally done..I mean a hired someone to color my hair for me, from a salon. Anyways,  the color is too orange for my taste, so I dyed my hair brown.

Ok the hearts might be too much..but hey, its cute right?
Anyways, I have a flower in my hair because this was taken for my spring tutorial.Pls check that out-my channel is thehamham36.

 now I look like this, if I were a sketch! LOL

Just having fun here...

Me & family on Halloween

I actually spent the most part of the day at my Makeup workshop.But right after that, I went straight to our street,for the trick or treat tradition with my family

My cute and active son..

My family...