Friday, November 19, 2010

MEG Generation, Fashion Reality Show

I did Athena's makeup and this is her before picture. She had great skin ans she is  also, very tall. :-) She was such a professional, doing her makeup was such a breeze.

The light washed the makeup :-) but the eyes is smoldering..
Before picture. The concept was arabic eyes. I had very little time to do the makeup, as in 35 minutes..

This picture was taken before the rehearsals. No lipstick yet..

Just applied gloss-she is still due for rehearsals. I look soo tired, I woked up at 5:30am that day, and got lost .  I arrived  super late.  Good thing the models were busy fitting and was still finishing breakfast ( yup, these models eat!! hahaha )   so I didnt miss a lot.LOL.

These are the judges. I did the makeup of Miss SAri yap (at the center) and several of her appearances.
I  was a little nervouse at first. but Im glad she likes my makeup ;-)

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