Sunday, May 23, 2010

How to fake flawless skin.wmv

How to conceal eye bags & under eye circles

9 out of 10 women has under eye circles or eye bags. I am one of them. Fortunately, with all the products available in the market, concealing blemishes is not impossible. You just need to use the right product & do the right application.

To brighten the eye area, you need to use a concealer. With all the formulations available, it's quite easy to get confused. Just remember, choosing the right formulation depends on the type of skin you have.

Cream concealers are great for dry skin, though this has tendency to cake or crack up if not applied the right way. Always set it with translucent powder that is one shade lighter than your skin tone.

Other forms of concealers are liquid and stick. If you have oily skin, look for an oil free concealer.
Be careful in using concealers because you don't want to look like a ghost or have your eye area to light.

One trick I do is to apply a skin tone concealer or foundation on top of my colored concealer.

Other tips:
For brown under eye circles, use a yellow colored concealer and or powder. This will brighten you under eye and correct the undertone.

For purplish oe bluish under eye, use a salmon colored concealer
(remember, if you use a warm color like yellow over a blue or purple undertone, it will create a grayish color)

For reddish purple  under eye, use green colored concealer.

If you use a colored concealer, top it off with your foundation and blend well. 

You don't want to look like a rainbow right? The above tip is applicable for pimple marks as well. I use a q-tip for a more precise application.

I hope this helps, always remember, blend well. It's not enough to use the right product, you have to apply it the right away as well.

Stay Beautiful!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My recent Fashion shoot with JR Salas & Janna Roque

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of working with JR and Janna. It was fun & Photography make up is my favorite. JR was going for 2 looks, Punk rock & a sweet day make up. Of course, in photo shoots, you start with the light make up first & you just add up as you go in to the darker heavier application & use of colors.

I used a lilac & purple eye color for the sweet day make up because Janna looks really good in those colors ( I know, I worked with her several times ) and it brings out the color of her eyes, which is hazel brown.

For Photo shoots, MUA prefers matte colors. In my case, I used a little sheen for the base ( iris from mac) but applied a white creamy base to tone down the sheen, but its still there if you look closer. I did'nt do heavy contouring & I used a pink Mac lipstick with a purple tint ( purple rite )

For the punk look, I just added more blue & purple ( odd couple ) & lots of
mascara & black gel liner, all from MAC.

Lipstick from Sue Devitte (brandy ) and OCC gloss, just a little bit, since the gloss is super dark. The look is punk & not goth, so too much OCC vintage gloss will make Janna's lips too dark.

I plan to re-create this look for my Youtube tutorial. Will probably post the link here.

Try out the Day look, its simple, sweet & easy to do. Maybe, save the punk look for going out.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Favorites for the month of APRIL.wmv

Photo shoot with Laura

Laura is a stage actress from ADMU and recently I had the pleasure to work with her and Mr. David Fabros. The pictures are for Laura's portfolio & mine as well. Mr. David Fabros is a celebrity photographer. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. I met him when I was still the Marketing head of BOBSON JEANS. We worked on a project for the brand's 17th year anniversary.

David did the art direction, styling & believe it or not, even the hair style of Laura. It's not common for photographers to have the talent to style hair, but David is not your ordinary photographer. he is also a writer. You can check out his works at

Laura on the other hand graduated summa cum laude from ADMU. She is very talented, simple and down to earth. I heard she might just be the next leah? Well, expect great things from her & who knows, we might just see her one day singing Les Miserable.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I got so excited yesterday because, guess what??I'm in ELLE.COM. I'm in the lead for their weekly ELLE.COM VIDEO STAR!!

Funny thing is that I uploaded this video of mine without expecting that I will get in! Ok, so that's stupid right? its just that I sent several good one's and it keeps getting rejected because its either too long or I violated some of the rules! ( in one video, I mentioned their competitor! Stupid of me, right? )

Not long after , I got a letter from their asst editor (yikes!! ) that my video's cant be included because of the many violations etc. etc. that i did !! I was so horrified & embarrassed!

Have you ever send a message, and then after clicking the "send" button, you realize your sending your "hate text" to the person concerned instead of your confidante friend????!! Yup, citing that one from experience (hahaha) But that's a totally different story.

And then, the other day, I just googled my self... who does that right?ME apparently, so I came across my video being the leader in ELLE.COM's next video star!!! YIPEE!

I was soooo happy that despite all of the above crazy things I did, I still got included in the competition. This video, Liquid liner tutorial, was my very 1st video ever. Not my best, but apparently good enough to get 200++ views! I posted it here, pls watch so that you know what I'm talking about. You can actually hear dogs barking, hammers pounding & my baby crying in the background!hahahahaha.

Anyways, I'd like to thanks ELLE for being such a sweetie and I sooo loove them now ( really, I do! )

So go ahead, vote for me or visit their site, ELLE. COM & simple check out the many things beauty, makeup, hair & a bunch of other stuff they have on their site!!

You might just see me their again!!

Make up tutorial Liquid eye liner.wmv

Braide FEVER!!

Personally, I'm loving these braided styles. My default hairstyle have always been my immortal side braid look & those who knows me would attest that they have seen me sporting that style for sooo long their begging me to update it a bit.

So, in that light, I went on a hunt to check on some braided styles & I actually posted this in my fan page in Facebook, Beauty, make up & so much more (shameless plugging) messy braides, big side braided hair & big wavy curls morphing into ...wait for it.... BRAIDES!!

Can we all find a better way to rock this look?? I hope you guys try this out & make your own version. I am actually going to experiment & post 50 ways to wear braides, and post my attempts in this blog. Good luck to me!

Got these pictures from Check out their page as well for more things about beauty & of course, so much more!

Spring Trend, red lips, defined brows & false eyelashes

I just love Kim's adventurous take on make up trends & Gwen's diversity when it comes to fashion & make up.

These 2 lovely ladies are both trend setters & I love them both. I did Nadine Howell's make up ( for her model card ) a few months back,around March I think & I'm glad that I am right on spot.

One trend this spring is this red lips, full lashes & defined brows (soft & not harsh ) Try this look next time you go clubbing or make this your signature look for spring. Are you a Kim or a Gwen? I'd say both! they are both pretty in this look & they showed us that whether your are blue undertone( Gwen) or yellow-tan undertone (Kim ) you can still rock this look! Stay Beautiful my lovelies!

MAC Haul and other brands.wmv

Before & after Pictures-from school

How to: Natural Curls with volume without heat??

My hair is naturally straight & very fine. Good thing my hair is shiny because its limp & lacks volume. Specially after I washed it. But there is a trick that I do, when I want volume & natural curls, without using lots of products ( mousse & mud dries my hair out ) and the damaging effects of blow dryers. Since I have no curling iron, I'm force to use alternative ways to create a bed head, wavy hair. What I do is, get an atomizer, fill it up with tap water & rock salt. I don't measure, so I just guesstimate it.

I spray it on my damp hair (or even dry, that's fine) & twist my hair in a bun. So while I do my chores & errands, I just leave it alone & give it 3 hours or so. I do this early morning, when I know I have somewhere to go to later that day.

I have a picture to show you the result. My before & after pic!! I sometimes spray on a boost spray ( it gives volume & hold the curls a bit, but not as hard as a Hair spray ) for added volume. The curls looks wavy & natural & it does not scream "I spent hours curling my hair" look. I also don't have the time & patience to curl my hair section by section.

Anyways, I will be posting a tutorial on this soon! watch out for that!!

Try it out & let me know!!

Have fun & Stay Beautiful!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Make up Tutorial-warm yellow & orange.wmv

Date Tip!

Just a tip, when you are going out with friends, or out on date, you can match your purse with your lipstick! And a variation, you can match your nails with your purse as well.

I have some more fashion tips, watch me on youtube, thehamham36! Have fin ladies!

My gig with stylebible.

im soo excited to share that i did the make up for Sarah & Vicky, both dj's for U92, recently. This is for Ok, ok, the make up was just a simple look, nothing to get excited about right? but I like these 2 lovely ladies & Im soo glad I get to work with them & cant wait to see the pictures posted! Anyways, check out stylebible site & get the latest news on anything & everything about fashion.

Fushia lips anyone?? OCC LIP TAR

My new Favorite Lipcolor!! This is Anime lip tar from OCC. I was on a hunt for a vivid fushia lipstick & I have gone to almost all make up counters, from drugstore brands like Revlon, Maybelline, Covergilr, Loreal to high end brands like Mac, Make up forever, Smashbox & still, somehow, I was not satisfied with the pink lip colors that I found. Then, finally, I decided to just search the net & I found OCC Lip tar! My new best friend.

I actually put this product to the test! I put it on for an entire day, did my errands, had my meals ..and viola! its still there!!

Downside though is that, its not smear proof, so you will see my lip trail on almost anything my lip touches! My son's cheeks, my favorite coffee cup & it kinda bleeds if your not too careful. But...don't be dismayed, because, the color stays put 100% & I did'nt need to re-apply at all!! Just dab on the right amout ( do not over do it coz its really gonna bleed )

So, go ahead & purchase this on line..and have fin with it. OCC has an official website & they have a wide variety of color from black, purple,yellow, green to even white! Have fun with it, mix it up & create your own lip color!!

Stay Beautiful ladies!!!

Pre nup picture of Chez Sy

These are some of the pictures from Chez's pre nup pictorial in Marikina. I did her hair & make up. We opted to use a purple eye design to complement her outfits for the shoot. Check more of my work, look me up, I have a tutorial for this look, watch me in youtube, thehamham36.

Sexy, Hot Date Look

This look is perfect for night outs, when your with your special someone & you want to look great for your man! The colors are vivid & reminds me of a hot, summer night, where you just want to party the night away! You can pair this look with any color of outfit! For more of my Make up tutorials, watch me in youtube, search thehamham36. Enjoy! Try out this look & let me know how your date turned out!! Have fun & Stay Beautiful!!

This is a wearable barbie look that I did for Janna. Well my version that is. She is a GMA 7 Talent & a commercial model. I did this shoot for Victorrio models and for my portfolio as well.

It was the 1st time where I played the role of MUA, Art Director, Stylist & Coordinator! I know, I thought I was Superwoman, wanting to do everything myself!! It was not a disaster, in fact it was a success. But I will not to do it again though,LOL. I enjoyed doing this shoot but it literally SUCKED out all my energy. After 4 hours of shoot, 5 looks, I was so tired and exhausted, I crawled to my bed right after! I woke up the next day!

But of course, it takes training & discipline to be able to withstand the many hours of doing make up. Once I did make up for 8 hours non-stop! Bad time to wear my new funky boots. After the shoot, I walked bare foot all the way to my car.hahahaha. Note to myself: Flats can be stylish too!!
You can check my site, for more of the looks I did for janna.
Click on this link to get a simillar look

Stay Beautiful!!