Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Braide FEVER!!

Personally, I'm loving these braided styles. My default hairstyle have always been my immortal side braid look & those who knows me would attest that they have seen me sporting that style for sooo long their begging me to update it a bit.

So, in that light, I went on a hunt to check on some braided styles & I actually posted this in my fan page in Facebook, Beauty, make up & so much more (shameless plugging) messy braides, big side braided hair & big wavy curls morphing into ...wait for it.... BRAIDES!!

Can we all find a better way to rock this look?? I hope you guys try this out & make your own version. I am actually going to experiment & post 50 ways to wear braides, and post my attempts in this blog. Good luck to me!

Got these pictures from Check out their page as well for more things about beauty & of course, so much more!

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