Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas morning !

Blouse, skirt and belt from Zara. Satin flats from staccato.

I love how this blouse shimmers! Its lightweight and the fit is great! Although the neckline is really low ( I got a medium size, normally Im a smal  in Zara ) so maybe thats why the neckline seems so low!

The skirt is very versatile and can be worn dress down or totally glam!

I dont want to wear too much eyeshadow so its mostly eyeliner.  I used a lightweight foundation (Laura Mercier) The Light shade at the center of my face and 2 shades darker at my cheeks. I do this when I dont have time to use a bronzer. The blush is from body shop..its peach brown. Eyeliner from mac and mascarra from Loreal. No lipstick here but I just dab on a gloss.

I really wanted to do a tutorial for this look but Im pressed for time. Oh by the way, Im wearing hair extensions from Keira. I will probably do a tutorial on this next time ( I hope! )

Happy Holidays everyone!! Till next time!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

champagne gold and brown smokey eyes

Im wearing fresh look contact lenses, amethyst.
For my complete look, visit

Visit my youtube channel (link below) for the tutorial

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Makeup look-Purple Drama

Went to a friends house for dinner and this was my outfit. I dont want to wear something fancy but instead I just accessorized. The necklace I bought from a tiangge in Eastwood. I love the rocker chic look.

This pumps is 5-6 inches high! I rarely use this ( this is the 2nd time) because although its comfortable, the pumps is a bit loose. hahaha.gotta buy more silicone shoe pads.

me and hubby at dinner...

ohh love this shoes...just cant wear it! hahaha.

Do you have a pair of shoes you love but just cant seem to wear? :-

Monday, December 19, 2011

Subtle gold eye shadow for the holidays

This is the makeup look I wore last night at a birthday party my husband and I attended. This photo was taken using my Ipad2,  5 hours after application. The onl thing I retouched when I was there was my lipstick!

The eyeshadow is gold and matte light brown (taupe). This makeup is perfect for parties and for those that prefers light makeup. For the lipstick, you can use any neutral shade that matches for lip color.

above is a short video of the makeup.  Maybe I will do a tutorial for this look but in the meantime, these are the list of products I used:

Primer: Smashbox
Foundation:Laura Mercier Creme Founation
Highlighter:Mac paint pot,bare study
Eyeshadow:Gold highlight powder Smashbox and MAC cork
Black eyeliner:Mac Gel Liner
Blush:Mac peach
lipstick:Loreal rosewood (blotted only for a sheer application )
powder:Laura mercier
Setting spray:Graftobian
lashes:Lash gear
Nyx white eyeliner at waterline

My new Boots and Fave Red Pants!!

Red pants and sequines are so in right now!  This is my first colored pair ever, would you believe that? My pants are either black, Navy blue, whitecamouflage or khakis. 

Top and red skinny pants from Mango, boots from Zara. This particular pants has special coating that resembles leather. I just love the feel of the fabric and the bright shade of red!

The boots a bit expensive I will admit (well for me! ) but I know I can wear this boots with skirts,shorts and dresses as well. hehehehehe. This line reminded me of Monica from friends. There was an episode where she bought a pair of very expensive knee high boots.She ended up loosing the said pair because it hurts her feet so much. Well, these boots are comfy and you just need to wear a thin socks to avoid friction.

The zipper at the black adds a very chic touch to the design. I looove it! Thanks to my hubby! Aside from the kate spade he gave me, these boots are my fave!!

Below are just some pictures of celebrities wearing red pants, that I gathered from the internet. Sorry I cant remember anymore where I got them, I just googled the red pants and these are what I got!

Katie holmes cropped skinny pants in leather..

One of my favorite ensemble!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Black and Blue - OOTD

This is the outfit I wore at christmas party/get together last night with my hubby. I was told it was sort of an open area near the pool. It was humid that night so I figured I can wear this top I bought from Zara 2 weeks ago ( P995.00 ) and wore it with a black skinny pants ( P2,550.00 ) and blue suede pumps
 ( P2,290 ) all from Zara.

The basic black skinny is very versatile. You can dress it down, like what I did here, Top from Zara ( P990 ) and gold sequinned shoes from stacatto.

 or glam it up with this top.

The top looks simple enough at the front and the lace detail gives it that sexy surprise...:-)
My only problem with this blue is that the lace fabric does not stretcch like the black cotton fabric, so it feels weird at the back--because you get all the huggy feel all over and then the back really feels like you dont have anything on.Hahahaha. Good thing I have a corset/bra so it goes well with this outfit.

The bag is Kate spade Sierra, a gift from my hubby this christmas :-)

You can hype this look  here

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Missing my fashion stint days...

I missed those days when I dress up for work or fashion events. For almost 2 decades I have worked in the fashion industry and Im used to attending fashion events, photo shoots, press cons, parties and so on and so forth. But dont get me wrong, I love my life now as well. Focussing on my family and my beautiful son.

So from time to time, I will dress up even if Im just going to the mall, or do my usual mommy errands :-)

Lately, I have ventured into posting my looks in lookbook. Its actually pathetic because I have only 3 fans (hahahaha) but I dont care. Its my way of expressing my love for fashion even if my looks are just casual, I post them because its my way of expressing myself :-) Just like makeup.. So this blog of mine will now have FASHION REVIEWS, PHOTOS OF MY LOOK FOR THE DAY, HAULS BOTH MAKEUP AND CLOTHES/SHOES AND ANYTHING RELATED TO FASHION.

Im excited and I would love it if my readers can share my blog as well ;-)

Hope you guys will love reading my blog and hopefully come back and read some more!

These are some of the photos of my looks. You can hype them here

 im posing behind my new car ( my husbands gift to me )

My new Kate spade bag! My absoloute favorite. Another gift from hubby :-)

 The picture is not very clear because I just used my Iphone 4 .

More pictures at, please check it out!

Thanks guys! till my next post!