Saturday, June 30, 2012

My trip to Regalong Pambahay Outlet store

My collection of accessories is growing and I have been meaning to buy a nice jewelry box but cant seem to find what I like. I went to Regalong Pamabahay Outlet store with my mother in law and bought this JB for P1,000.

Now Its easier for me to see what I have and what I want to wear..

 Loving these tin cans wuth vintage inspired design. Great container for my watercolor paints! Easy for me to put it in my bag too!

This cute wallet will be my pencil/eraser case!!

I love the red leather strap! bought this for P1,200. I bought a watch from this store before and Im happy with it so I thought time to get something new and RED! lol.

Nail Ideas!!

 I made this Nail art using scotch tape. Colors are prince charming from Orly, Maharaja and gold from Face shop.

  I revised the design abit but retained the colors..

Below are some Nail art that I plan to copy and hopefully I can do it this weekend! 
Photos are not mine! 

Friday, June 29, 2012

OOTD and MOTD with some funny pics :-)

 My top is very old, I bought it in LA 2005. Forgot how much though. The pants is one of my favorite from Zara because its lightweight and I love the texture and the fabric is stretch so its very comfortable.

Bracelets, the square is real swarovski given to me by a friend back in 2003. My bag is longchamp.

Shot at my inlaws beautiful indoor garden.
 Shot indoors. My lipstick is Loreal Rosewood again, foundation is MUFE Duo mat and primer is Givenchy. Will post my review on the primer next time!

Necklace is also old, bought is 2003. I love crystals and swarovski!

I will also post all the products I use for my everyday makeup.

 Another picture. I flipped my hair for the extra volume.:-)

 My father in law has like 50 flower horns I I was taking pictures when I notice that this little guy was nibbling the gladd when I was near the glass. It was funny at that time so I took a picture.

I bent down to get a closer look and this fishy went near the glass so I had to pose like

All pictures above are from my inlaws garden.:-)

Till my next post ladies!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

OOTD and My Visit to Share Tea!

Tank from Zara (P595) The skirt I got from my mother in law :-)
Skull thongs from Stacatto.

Forgive me for posting too many Milk tea related articles! hahahaha. My current favorite is QQ and Taiwan classic. The Hokkaido and Nagoya, after awhile tasted too sweet for me.

 The friendly staff! Woah, thats a lot of ice indeed!!

Although parking is really a problem at this branch, the staff is friendly so I almost always buy my Milk tea fix at Share Tea!

Till my next post ladies!!

Fresh makeup look for everyday

Picture with lenslight app.
 With filter,posted at IG.

I definitely look sleepy.Maybe because this was taken at 730am in the morning!

For this makeup, I focused on the eyes and eyebrows. Mac gel liner and demi lashes.

 Matte face using MUFE foundation and MAC anti shine primer. I just used smashbox champagne gold eyeshadow as highlighter at my cheekbones.

Lipstick from loreal- Rosewood, my all time favorite.
I have no blush just bronzer from The body shop. Mascarra from Maybelline, I used dark brown.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The ring was a gift from Hubby when I graduated from The Australian College. Its made of silver.
The cuffs I got from Eastwood bazaar for $11.00

This necklace was a gift as well on our honeymoon. We bought it in Australia. Forgot how much though.

Close up shot of the bracelet.

Photo posted in Instagram.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My trip to Our Kitchen!

Today I decided to check out this new store/restaurant near my sons school called My Kitchen.
These photos are taken using my Iphone and Im glad the staff were kind enough to help me take these pictures.

This ice tea caught my eye simply because the packaging is soo nice. I maybe can use this as a cool vase or a decoration on my dresser!

The store/restaurant sells freshly cooked food (frozen) that is microwave ready. I bought the Callos and Korean beef and they are good. I will buy more next time I go there.

  I like this wall so I took a picture of it.

Callos is ox tripe, sausage, peas,bell pepper in thick tomato sauce.
Sweet Korean beef with sesame seeds.

The friendly cashier posing with

This is not sponsored by the way. I just want to share the photos and food I found at this store :-)

Will post my Outfit of the day next time!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stubaki Conditioner by Sheseido

In  Japan, Sheseido is not just a makeup brand.  They have shampoo, conditioners and vitamins like Purewhite and Collagen.

 I personally drink the Sheseido Pure white capsules for my daily need of Vitamin C and other skin beautifying properties.

For my shampoo and conditioner, I use Sheseido Stubaki. I ran out of the conditioner so I bought a refill.

This STUBAKI white conditioner is for hair that is colored or damaged. The first one I got is the Red Stubaki, for Normal hair. I love this conditioner because It makes my hair soooo smooth and smells so great! But It can weight my hair down so I dont use this everyday. :-)

I bought this at the japanese store in Metrowalk. But I think you can google it and buy it online.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

OOTD-and Makeup look im loving!!

Neon Top from Zara Basics for P595.00
Voile top I got from the LA, Papaya, 7 years ago!!
Shorts from Giordano ( a little big Im afraid )
Leather Bag from DKNY

I love this ring! Got this from Regalong pambahay Megamall last year for 500 bucks. The gold hasnt fade yet!

Will post a tutorial on Gyaru makeup next time. I think Gyaru suits me.hehehehe. Its a Japanese kind of makeup. See how I look like if I dont so Gyaru style.. Can you see the difference? Gyaru uses eyeliner techniques to make eyes look BIG and doll like, complexion a bit fair. So, promise next post, I will show you step by step. I hope I can also make a video! :-)