Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easy Breezy steps to a great manicure!

First, clean your nails using a cuticle remover, then buff your nails to smooth out any rough surface.
Apply a topcoat to protect your nails.

Then apply your chosen nail polish. For me, I want to try out this new shade I got from orly,Green Apple.

Apply a top coat.Here I used REVLON clear polish.It dries fast and keeps the polish shiny and protected.
 Optional:you can apply a quick drying oil to speed up the process.

You can massage the excess oil around the cuticle to moisturize it. and then your done!

 This was my polish the other day. Im loving this yellow shade from Sally hansen a lot!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Year of the Ponytail??

I was driving along Ortigas avenue and I noticed that the models in 2-3 billboards is sporting the same side pony hairstyle. Now if you know me or have seen my youtube channel (thehamham36) you will find that I have several side ponytail tutorials. This has been my official go-to hairstyle or my everyday look, so to speak. So imagine my reaction when I saw an article in GLAMOUR that they are predicting 2012 as the year for ponytails. YIPEE.

Anyways, above picture is my usual ponytail look. I am now inspired to do a ponytail challenge and come up with 6-10 looks.  I am just under the weather and generally feeling crappy because of allergies,cough etc. But as soon as I feel better, I will be shooting a tutorial for different ponytail ideas.

Sounds good??

Mini Haul-Pamper yourself with these products!

This Chocolate scented set from The bodyshop  is simply adorable. I bought this for P1,020 (with discount) and the set contains a scrub,body butter,body wash and lip balm. And don you just love the packaging??

The scent is yummylicious and simply adorable! I know,I said it twice!!

This summer, do not forget putting on a UVA-UVB sun protection, and this NIVEA sunscreen is safe  and can be shared by the entire family.

  This is a product I just love. I started buying this body oil spray  since 2005. I just love this variant Olive! This bodyoil is not greasy at all. You can spray it anytime or spray it after bath.

I love it so much I also  have the body butter and bodywash.
I love green nail polishes and this is my first time to buy an apple green shade. I always wear bright dark shades but this summer I wanted to try this shade. Will post a picture once I tried this on.

This yellow shade is a bit bright and not the pastel ice cream shade that I was looking for but it still looks good. I actually saw a friend of mine wearing a yellow nail polish and I liked it so much I went and look for one. But I think the yellow shade I saw from ORLY is more spring-like. Will probably buy that one next time.

Now this green shade is so DIVA like. I havent tried it yet but will surely show you guys the shade next time.

 I heard the LOREAL liquid eyeliner is good so I wnt to give this a try.Will make a review next time
This one, I got for free!

I have a video on this and will post it once I uploaded it on my channel, thehamham36.

Graduation Ball Makeup

Last Saturday I did a graduation makeup for 2 young ladies, 17 to be exact for their graduation ball. They are both from Poveda.

I love Alexas dress especially at the back.:-)

sorry  the above photo is a bit yellow. I was the one who took most of these photos..the ones with bad lighthing.LOL

I used hot rollers to create volume and soft curls to Alexas hair.

Kyla is my niece in law. She wanted something edgy and dark so I used a midnight blue glitter base from smashbox, silver grey eye shadow and placed a MUFE diamond powder. For her hair, I just culed the ends.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Makeup Gear!

This makeup case is actually 2 in one. The first part can be detached and carried as one kit and opens  with 2 levels. The one below has wheels (trolley) and has more space. This makeup trolley has 4 wheels so its easy to move around. Bought this for P8,000. I learned they are selling this for P4,000 now

This is the first makeup trolley  I bought from Quiapo for P3,500.

This chair is P2,500.Bought it from Pure Beauty.
  I have 2 makeup chairs and this one is from SUESH. its a bit heavy but durable. The one I bought from Pure buesty is pretty much the same but shorter.

 My customized lighted dresser.

My lightbox, I bought from A supplier endorsed by the school, for P19,000.
In my video, I have a picture of how it looks like.

Behind me is a mural I painted for my studio.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Want a Pinkish white,DEWY complexion?? Japanese women loves this!

I have been drinking sheseido Purewhite for 3 years already, on and off. I learned about this online that it gives your skin a healthy pinkish glow. I could not really read the packaging but based on my research its a special blend with natural ingredients. It also has 1000mg of Vitamin C.

Youre suppose to drink 9 tablets everyday.One bottle has 30 tablets. Sometimes, I drink only 6 tbalets,esp if I have a scheduled Glutathione shots.

Personally I notice that my skin looks supple and healthy but I dont really drink this to lighten my skin.
I still think IV Glutathione is still best for it. But I dont take the gluta IV all the time, only when I feel like I have been working hard, feel streesed or have an important event and wanted to look glowing.

This tablet is available online or you can check out this store in Metrowalk where they sell Japanese items.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Product Review: Smashbox Concealer & my favorite concealers

I bought this concealer for P1,000 at beauty bar shang. Hubby wanted me to treat myself and do some retail therapy so I figured why not try new makeup items? This concealer is not really new but I havent tried this concealer yet and a girl cannot have so many concealers right? I think I have around 6-7 concealers and as a makeup artist, its good to know the performance of a product before using it to our clients.

So as far as coverage is concern, this concealer is 7 for me. Its opaque and its not too thick so you can definitely use this under the eyes.Although my favorite is still Clinique airbrush concealer and bobbi brown, this concealer is my 2nd favorite. I also bring this with me all the time. I can put it on my face before I retouch.(I dont use primers or HD foundation everyday.Sometimes I just use concealer and sheer powder to set it, so I do concealer touch ups )

 Convenience wise,I give this an  8 because its handy and as far as blendability is concerned its a 7.
So if your looking for a concealer for under eye, I will still reccommend Laura mercier or Bobbie brown corrector and CLinique airbrush concealer. Then for pimple scars and  pigmentation, its Mac studio fix and this concealer.

I have yet to buy the makeup forever concealer set and Cinema Secret, but I read a lot of good reviews. Those babies are next on my list :-)

Till next time lovelies!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Wild Cherry scrub,lotion and bath gel review-The body Shop

I bought several of these gift sets as a gift for my lovely sisters :-) last christmas and saved this variant for myself. First, I love the bag! Perfect companion for travel or overnight.

The lotion and scrub smells like cherry yogurt! I just love it! I used the gel, scrub and lotion and I felt so relaxed and so pampered. After my bath I just wanted to lie down, but here I am blogging about it!

Its trully yummy and to think I bought this for P500.00 pesos only!!

 This is the scrub! Super yummy-licious! hahahaha.

 I didnt use the scrub (although I was tempted too!) because I just opened a new one last week.

REMINDER: Body scrubs are meant to be used for 3-4 weeks or less! Using a scrub more than 1-1.5 months is not advisable because of all the germs that might cause infection, irritation or itchiness.

Till my next post my lovelies!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Skin saviours!!!

This cleanser is not just for adults. My baby had a rash from excessive swimming so his dermatologist prescribed this as his cleaser. I also use this on myself and my clients to remove makeup . You can use this with or without  water. I have been meaning to make a video on my skin routine, I just need to squeeze it along with my very busy life.hahahaha.

I hardly use this lotion because Im quite attached to my Body shop lotion. But from time to time, I slather on this anti aging lotion on to my legs because it has firming propertines ( talaga lang!hahahaha)

I have no proof yet that it does firm my oh so flabby legs.hahahaha. But I love the smell and its not so creamy so I can use this during the day. Cant remember exact price but I think its P600.00. This is from  The Face shop.

This lotion is my current favorite. I have been doing a lot of house chores lately and my hands feels really dry and a bit coarse. Seriously.hahahaha. So aside from using gloves now ( most of the time I dont,because it sometimes get in the way. I dont know.So I use gloves only when taking out the trash and gardening )
So what I don is massage my hands with this lotion and put on several layers. This lotion is  about P595
(not sure if they increased price because I bought this last year July )

I also slather up these baby all over when im about to go to bed. An aircon room and hot showers can contribute to dry skin, so we need to moisturize our entire body.

I consulted with a dermatologist and she even reccomended layering moisturizes. Example, body oil, thick and creamy lotion and a slight creamy one for everyday. But maybe, this summer, we can limit it to just one. Its just to hot!

Till my next post lovelies!

8 Easy & Quick Hairstyles

Random looks of the day!! Old and New!

Ok, this top is like 6 years old! I love the thin voile fabric! I can dress this blouse down by pairing it with shorts or glam it up with black skinny or skirt.Love love this blouse!

Ok, the top was a gift, 6-7 years old! hahaha. The black skinny is from Zara and the blue suede shoes as well.

Ok both the skirt and the top is really old! like 6-7 years old! I love that the colors still look pretty much the same! Flats from Stacatto