Friday, March 30, 2012

Year of the Ponytail??

I was driving along Ortigas avenue and I noticed that the models in 2-3 billboards is sporting the same side pony hairstyle. Now if you know me or have seen my youtube channel (thehamham36) you will find that I have several side ponytail tutorials. This has been my official go-to hairstyle or my everyday look, so to speak. So imagine my reaction when I saw an article in GLAMOUR that they are predicting 2012 as the year for ponytails. YIPEE.

Anyways, above picture is my usual ponytail look. I am now inspired to do a ponytail challenge and come up with 6-10 looks.  I am just under the weather and generally feeling crappy because of allergies,cough etc. But as soon as I feel better, I will be shooting a tutorial for different ponytail ideas.

Sounds good??

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