Thursday, June 6, 2013


I have always been intimidated with Yoga. I always say Im not flexible.  When I started doing Yoga X (from 90X program ) I realized that, flexibility is something you can achieved thru practice and training.

Im still not an expert, being able to do Yoga only 2x a week a nd its only been 5 weeks now, but Im surprised on what I can do already. So in time, I know I can improve.

If you would like to try Yoga, you can check out some videos on line and in Youtube. Then if you have time and extra money, you can attend Yoga classes. Its always good too have a professional help you out and teach you the right posture.

YOGA is a great workout because it helps develop your core, balance, flexibility, strenght thru the poses and salutations.

Try to incorporate Yoga in your routine and you will see, in time, your entire physical physique and your concentration improved.

There is a pillow there because the very first time I tried it, I hit my head/face on the floor! So the 2nd until the 4th time, I will always skip the crane pose. Then one day, I said to myself, I think I can do that,  so I did. Good thing my cleaning lady was there to take a photo, or I will not even believe it myself!!

I was so happy and it felt good! I know my crane pose needs a lot of improvement but again, Im confident in time, I can do it in a better position and longer time ( this is just like 3-4 seconds!) In Yoga x its at least 5 breaths (8-10 sec)

2nd time to do a wheel. First time, I bang my head again. I feel so heavy. 2nd time, no head but I need to strtch my arms and smaller space between my head and feet.

My son, seeing me do Yoga, ignites his curiosity. He said mom, look at me. Have fun with it and dont worry if you can make all the poses. Me at first I skip the hard ones, then I realize, how can I improve if I dont try,right? So even if you stumble, feel uncomfortable or it hurts, do it. Before you know it you will surprise yourself.

Till next time!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tone your Abs, Do Planks!

I usually watch trailers to distract myself. Here I watched World war Z.Imagine you have to Plank ir else the Zombies will eat

The first time I did planks at Ultimate fitness (Metrowalk,Pasig) I can barely make it to 30 sec. Now, I can do 5 min planks, although I need a 1min rest before I can do plank again, and im doing 2 sets only. Its really hard and what you need is distraction.

Planking exercise can tone your arms, definitely the abs and core and back. It works multiple muscle group. Just make sure to mantain good form. Start with 30sec and work it up to 60. You dont have to do it for 5min, unless you want to challenge yourself.

Do this for 4-5 weeks and you can see the difference. Pair this with cardio moves like jumping jacks, jumping ropes and some squats.

Till next time!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Loose that Post baby Fat!

Left pic was taken last March, right pic was May.

I have never gotten rid of my pooch fat ( look at my hanging tummy. Im already flexing my tummy mind you! )

I have gained weight, lose weight and gained again and again. I tried diets and slimming pills. What I havent really tried is a consisted exercise routine coupled with healthy eating. I tried it once last 2011 but I slipped and went back to unhealthy eating.

Turning 40 was a wakeup call. I researched and watched videos, read articles about how to loose weight. I was deermined to give it a try. Im glad I did.

So for all the moms out there who thinks its ok to be overweight because we brought life to this world and we are better moms if we are huggable ( thats what I thought ) think again. Our family, children and husbands will enjoy us more, our company, if we are healthy and happy about ourselves.

For me its not about being sexy or skinny, is aboout being strong and healthy.

If you have injuries like a knee problem (like me) or cant do extreme exercise, start with low impact cardio (walking, treadmill ) and start eating healthy. In 3-4 weeks, you will see the difference.

Next time, will share recipes and food I eat along with some exercise routine!

Till nex time!

Monday, June 3, 2013

What I have been doing??? Im BACK!!

Helloooo Everyone! I know I have been slacking. And yes this post is not about Makeup, but its about Beauty and Health. I started exercising  as early as Mid FEB this year but its only last March when I really did my training/workout everyday ( 6 days a week) and eating clean ( less processed food, more veggies and fruits )

And then I discovered 90X, so I started that exercise routine last May 4. Above is a picture of what I look now. So since this blog is about Beauty Makeup and so much more......drum roll please! I will be posting my progress, weight loss journey.

Expect to see makeup tips, favorite videos and fashion tips, but I will include some recipes and exercise routine that I do as well.

This is for all the Ladies ( Single,Married or Moms like me ) who wants to be stronger and live a Healthy lifestyle, like me. Turning 40 last January made me realize, I have to change my ways and treat my body better!

So, hoora for me and I hope you can continue to support my blog. From Makeup, to Fashion to Living HEalthy!

Stay Beautiful LAdies!!!