Monday, June 3, 2013

What I have been doing??? Im BACK!!

Helloooo Everyone! I know I have been slacking. And yes this post is not about Makeup, but its about Beauty and Health. I started exercising  as early as Mid FEB this year but its only last March when I really did my training/workout everyday ( 6 days a week) and eating clean ( less processed food, more veggies and fruits )

And then I discovered 90X, so I started that exercise routine last May 4. Above is a picture of what I look now. So since this blog is about Beauty Makeup and so much more......drum roll please! I will be posting my progress, weight loss journey.

Expect to see makeup tips, favorite videos and fashion tips, but I will include some recipes and exercise routine that I do as well.

This is for all the Ladies ( Single,Married or Moms like me ) who wants to be stronger and live a Healthy lifestyle, like me. Turning 40 last January made me realize, I have to change my ways and treat my body better!

So, hoora for me and I hope you can continue to support my blog. From Makeup, to Fashion to Living HEalthy!

Stay Beautiful LAdies!!!

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