Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Contour in Makeup? effects & tips

Contour in makeup is a technique used by MUA such as myself to create an illusion of depth, shade or shadow .We also highlight prominent areas like nose bridge, temples, chin, brow bone to make our face appear 3 dimensional.

Contouring & highlight is the technique we use specially for Photo shoots (Makeup for Photography ) TV, Runaway & for weddings. In this picture you can see the dramatic effect of contour & highlight. The makeup for the two pictures is the same but I use contour & highlight for the picture on the right.

Obviously, in photographs, our faces become flat, specially, flash photography. You can see he picture at your right her nose bridge are more prominent, her cheekbones pop, and you will notice, I made her forehead appear shorter/smaller than the actual. With the right contour & highlight, we can make someone's face appear thinner than usual, hide imperfections or highlight a good feature.

So the next question is how to contour your face? It depends on your face shape. In my next blog, I will be posting an illustration on how to highlight & contour for different face shapes, as well as the how to choose the right products to use.

Watch out for that my lovelies!!

Stay Beautiful!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Problem with wrinkles?Here are some tips..

I dont claim to be a skin expert. But being an obssessed skincare junkie, I get my knowledge from Mr.Google.:-) Thru research & experience, I get to know what is the best product for my skin..though I would love to buy these products, unfortunately, these products, except for galvanic, are not available here in the Philippines yet.

I posted pictures of the skin care products that uses the latest technology available.

Personally, I use NUSKIN galvanic spa. Lately, because of my busy schedule, I have forgotten to use it. Now, I started using it again. Frankly, I don't know what I was thinking. This product is so freaking amazing. It really gives instant results & with continuous use can really erase fine lines.

I also use Oil of Olay regenerist. Its just sad that we don't have their RX line, nor the Regenerist serum. But the one available in the market is really good too. I have been using it for a year now.

Another product I included here is Aveeno ageless vitality. It uses Biolelectric technology that talks to the skin to produce more collagen & elastin. Cool huh?

Though I don't really know if it works, I read a lot of good reviews on it. Go ahead & try these wonder products. As for me, I just hope I can get a hold of them very soon!

Stay beautiful ladies!

Special effects Makeup

Before you freak out & say "Yuck" let me tell you that these pictures are not real. These are just some sample of my recent work for my class in SFX makeup. while some may find these pictures too graphic, I on the other hand , is so pleased with myself..hahahaha. Im just kidding. I just find myself scrutinizing shows like CSI and DEXTER, SUPERNATURAL and other shows that are gory & bloody. This is because I love how real their special effects are. And now that I know just a bit of that makes it soo cool.

Our teacher, TOR TORRE, who studied in London assured us that like any other make-up, we just need to practice to further improve our skill.

Mainly, we use fakeblood, wound fillers, moulding wax, theather makeup & liquid latex. For those who are interested to learn SFX, please do let me know. I would gladly share what I have learned.

Will post beauty shots & video tutorials soon.

For now, enjoy my gory pictures. :-)