Friday, July 23, 2010

Special effects Makeup

Before you freak out & say "Yuck" let me tell you that these pictures are not real. These are just some sample of my recent work for my class in SFX makeup. while some may find these pictures too graphic, I on the other hand , is so pleased with myself..hahahaha. Im just kidding. I just find myself scrutinizing shows like CSI and DEXTER, SUPERNATURAL and other shows that are gory & bloody. This is because I love how real their special effects are. And now that I know just a bit of that makes it soo cool.

Our teacher, TOR TORRE, who studied in London assured us that like any other make-up, we just need to practice to further improve our skill.

Mainly, we use fakeblood, wound fillers, moulding wax, theather makeup & liquid latex. For those who are interested to learn SFX, please do let me know. I would gladly share what I have learned.

Will post beauty shots & video tutorials soon.

For now, enjoy my gory pictures. :-)

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  1. hi i would like to know where did you learn how to do the special effects course and did they teach latex makeup for the face with a life cast?