Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tone your Abs, Do Planks!

I usually watch trailers to distract myself. Here I watched World war Z.Imagine you have to Plank ir else the Zombies will eat

The first time I did planks at Ultimate fitness (Metrowalk,Pasig) I can barely make it to 30 sec. Now, I can do 5 min planks, although I need a 1min rest before I can do plank again, and im doing 2 sets only. Its really hard and what you need is distraction.

Planking exercise can tone your arms, definitely the abs and core and back. It works multiple muscle group. Just make sure to mantain good form. Start with 30sec and work it up to 60. You dont have to do it for 5min, unless you want to challenge yourself.

Do this for 4-5 weeks and you can see the difference. Pair this with cardio moves like jumping jacks, jumping ropes and some squats.

Till next time!

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