Monday, March 26, 2012

Want a Pinkish white,DEWY complexion?? Japanese women loves this!

I have been drinking sheseido Purewhite for 3 years already, on and off. I learned about this online that it gives your skin a healthy pinkish glow. I could not really read the packaging but based on my research its a special blend with natural ingredients. It also has 1000mg of Vitamin C.

Youre suppose to drink 9 tablets everyday.One bottle has 30 tablets. Sometimes, I drink only 6 tbalets,esp if I have a scheduled Glutathione shots.

Personally I notice that my skin looks supple and healthy but I dont really drink this to lighten my skin.
I still think IV Glutathione is still best for it. But I dont take the gluta IV all the time, only when I feel like I have been working hard, feel streesed or have an important event and wanted to look glowing.

This tablet is available online or you can check out this store in Metrowalk where they sell Japanese items.

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