Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Makeup Gear!

This makeup case is actually 2 in one. The first part can be detached and carried as one kit and opens  with 2 levels. The one below has wheels (trolley) and has more space. This makeup trolley has 4 wheels so its easy to move around. Bought this for P8,000. I learned they are selling this for P4,000 now

This is the first makeup trolley  I bought from Quiapo for P3,500.

This chair is P2,500.Bought it from Pure Beauty.
  I have 2 makeup chairs and this one is from SUESH. its a bit heavy but durable. The one I bought from Pure buesty is pretty much the same but shorter.

 My customized lighted dresser.

My lightbox, I bought from A supplier endorsed by the school, for P19,000.
In my video, I have a picture of how it looks like.

Behind me is a mural I painted for my studio.

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