Sunday, March 18, 2012

Skin saviours!!!

This cleanser is not just for adults. My baby had a rash from excessive swimming so his dermatologist prescribed this as his cleaser. I also use this on myself and my clients to remove makeup . You can use this with or without  water. I have been meaning to make a video on my skin routine, I just need to squeeze it along with my very busy life.hahahaha.

I hardly use this lotion because Im quite attached to my Body shop lotion. But from time to time, I slather on this anti aging lotion on to my legs because it has firming propertines ( talaga lang!hahahaha)

I have no proof yet that it does firm my oh so flabby legs.hahahaha. But I love the smell and its not so creamy so I can use this during the day. Cant remember exact price but I think its P600.00. This is from  The Face shop.

This lotion is my current favorite. I have been doing a lot of house chores lately and my hands feels really dry and a bit coarse. Seriously.hahahaha. So aside from using gloves now ( most of the time I dont,because it sometimes get in the way. I dont know.So I use gloves only when taking out the trash and gardening )
So what I don is massage my hands with this lotion and put on several layers. This lotion is  about P595
(not sure if they increased price because I bought this last year July )

I also slather up these baby all over when im about to go to bed. An aircon room and hot showers can contribute to dry skin, so we need to moisturize our entire body.

I consulted with a dermatologist and she even reccomended layering moisturizes. Example, body oil, thick and creamy lotion and a slight creamy one for everyday. But maybe, this summer, we can limit it to just one. Its just to hot!

Till my next post lovelies!

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