Friday, June 29, 2012

OOTD and MOTD with some funny pics :-)

 My top is very old, I bought it in LA 2005. Forgot how much though. The pants is one of my favorite from Zara because its lightweight and I love the texture and the fabric is stretch so its very comfortable.

Bracelets, the square is real swarovski given to me by a friend back in 2003. My bag is longchamp.

Shot at my inlaws beautiful indoor garden.
 Shot indoors. My lipstick is Loreal Rosewood again, foundation is MUFE Duo mat and primer is Givenchy. Will post my review on the primer next time!

Necklace is also old, bought is 2003. I love crystals and swarovski!

I will also post all the products I use for my everyday makeup.

 Another picture. I flipped my hair for the extra volume.:-)

 My father in law has like 50 flower horns I I was taking pictures when I notice that this little guy was nibbling the gladd when I was near the glass. It was funny at that time so I took a picture.

I bent down to get a closer look and this fishy went near the glass so I had to pose like

All pictures above are from my inlaws garden.:-)

Till my next post ladies!!

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