Monday, December 19, 2011

My new Boots and Fave Red Pants!!

Red pants and sequines are so in right now!  This is my first colored pair ever, would you believe that? My pants are either black, Navy blue, whitecamouflage or khakis. 

Top and red skinny pants from Mango, boots from Zara. This particular pants has special coating that resembles leather. I just love the feel of the fabric and the bright shade of red!

The boots a bit expensive I will admit (well for me! ) but I know I can wear this boots with skirts,shorts and dresses as well. hehehehehe. This line reminded me of Monica from friends. There was an episode where she bought a pair of very expensive knee high boots.She ended up loosing the said pair because it hurts her feet so much. Well, these boots are comfy and you just need to wear a thin socks to avoid friction.

The zipper at the black adds a very chic touch to the design. I looove it! Thanks to my hubby! Aside from the kate spade he gave me, these boots are my fave!!

Below are just some pictures of celebrities wearing red pants, that I gathered from the internet. Sorry I cant remember anymore where I got them, I just googled the red pants and these are what I got!

Katie holmes cropped skinny pants in leather..

One of my favorite ensemble!

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