Thursday, December 8, 2011

Missing my fashion stint days...

I missed those days when I dress up for work or fashion events. For almost 2 decades I have worked in the fashion industry and Im used to attending fashion events, photo shoots, press cons, parties and so on and so forth. But dont get me wrong, I love my life now as well. Focussing on my family and my beautiful son.

So from time to time, I will dress up even if Im just going to the mall, or do my usual mommy errands :-)

Lately, I have ventured into posting my looks in lookbook. Its actually pathetic because I have only 3 fans (hahahaha) but I dont care. Its my way of expressing my love for fashion even if my looks are just casual, I post them because its my way of expressing myself :-) Just like makeup.. So this blog of mine will now have FASHION REVIEWS, PHOTOS OF MY LOOK FOR THE DAY, HAULS BOTH MAKEUP AND CLOTHES/SHOES AND ANYTHING RELATED TO FASHION.

Im excited and I would love it if my readers can share my blog as well ;-)

Hope you guys will love reading my blog and hopefully come back and read some more!

These are some of the photos of my looks. You can hype them here

 im posing behind my new car ( my husbands gift to me )

My new Kate spade bag! My absoloute favorite. Another gift from hubby :-)

 The picture is not very clear because I just used my Iphone 4 .

More pictures at, please check it out!

Thanks guys! till my next post!

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