Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Trend, red lips, defined brows & false eyelashes

I just love Kim's adventurous take on make up trends & Gwen's diversity when it comes to fashion & make up.

These 2 lovely ladies are both trend setters & I love them both. I did Nadine Howell's make up ( for her model card ) a few months back,around March I think & I'm glad that I am right on spot.

One trend this spring is this red lips, full lashes & defined brows (soft & not harsh ) Try this look next time you go clubbing or make this your signature look for spring. Are you a Kim or a Gwen? I'd say both! they are both pretty in this look & they showed us that whether your are blue undertone( Gwen) or yellow-tan undertone (Kim ) you can still rock this look! Stay Beautiful my lovelies!

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