Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This is a wearable barbie look that I did for Janna. Well my version that is. She is a GMA 7 Talent & a commercial model. I did this shoot for Victorrio models and for my portfolio as well.

It was the 1st time where I played the role of MUA, Art Director, Stylist & Coordinator! I know, I thought I was Superwoman, wanting to do everything myself!! It was not a disaster, in fact it was a success. But I will not to do it again though,LOL. I enjoyed doing this shoot but it literally SUCKED out all my energy. After 4 hours of shoot, 5 looks, I was so tired and exhausted, I crawled to my bed right after! I woke up the next day!

But of course, it takes training & discipline to be able to withstand the many hours of doing make up. Once I did make up for 8 hours non-stop! Bad time to wear my new funky boots. After the shoot, I walked bare foot all the way to my car.hahahaha. Note to myself: Flats can be stylish too!!
You can check my site, ochielaraya.multiply.com for more of the looks I did for janna.
Click on this link to get a simillar look http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qu9Rx5SZt6k

Stay Beautiful!!

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