Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to: Natural Curls with volume without heat??

My hair is naturally straight & very fine. Good thing my hair is shiny because its limp & lacks volume. Specially after I washed it. But there is a trick that I do, when I want volume & natural curls, without using lots of products ( mousse & mud dries my hair out ) and the damaging effects of blow dryers. Since I have no curling iron, I'm force to use alternative ways to create a bed head, wavy hair. What I do is, get an atomizer, fill it up with tap water & rock salt. I don't measure, so I just guesstimate it.

I spray it on my damp hair (or even dry, that's fine) & twist my hair in a bun. So while I do my chores & errands, I just leave it alone & give it 3 hours or so. I do this early morning, when I know I have somewhere to go to later that day.

I have a picture to show you the result. My before & after pic!! I sometimes spray on a boost spray ( it gives volume & hold the curls a bit, but not as hard as a Hair spray ) for added volume. The curls looks wavy & natural & it does not scream "I spent hours curling my hair" look. I also don't have the time & patience to curl my hair section by section.

Anyways, I will be posting a tutorial on this soon! watch out for that!!

Try it out & let me know!!

Have fun & Stay Beautiful!!

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