Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fushia lips anyone?? OCC LIP TAR

My new Favorite Lipcolor!! This is Anime lip tar from OCC. I was on a hunt for a vivid fushia lipstick & I have gone to almost all make up counters, from drugstore brands like Revlon, Maybelline, Covergilr, Loreal to high end brands like Mac, Make up forever, Smashbox & still, somehow, I was not satisfied with the pink lip colors that I found. Then, finally, I decided to just search the net & I found OCC Lip tar! My new best friend.

I actually put this product to the test! I put it on for an entire day, did my errands, had my meals ..and viola! its still there!!

Downside though is that, its not smear proof, so you will see my lip trail on almost anything my lip touches! My son's cheeks, my favorite coffee cup & it kinda bleeds if your not too careful. But...don't be dismayed, because, the color stays put 100% & I did'nt need to re-apply at all!! Just dab on the right amout ( do not over do it coz its really gonna bleed )

So, go ahead & purchase this on line..and have fin with it. OCC has an official website & they have a wide variety of color from black, purple,yellow, green to even white! Have fun with it, mix it up & create your own lip color!!

Stay Beautiful ladies!!!

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