Saturday, May 22, 2010

My recent Fashion shoot with JR Salas & Janna Roque

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of working with JR and Janna. It was fun & Photography make up is my favorite. JR was going for 2 looks, Punk rock & a sweet day make up. Of course, in photo shoots, you start with the light make up first & you just add up as you go in to the darker heavier application & use of colors.

I used a lilac & purple eye color for the sweet day make up because Janna looks really good in those colors ( I know, I worked with her several times ) and it brings out the color of her eyes, which is hazel brown.

For Photo shoots, MUA prefers matte colors. In my case, I used a little sheen for the base ( iris from mac) but applied a white creamy base to tone down the sheen, but its still there if you look closer. I did'nt do heavy contouring & I used a pink Mac lipstick with a purple tint ( purple rite )

For the punk look, I just added more blue & purple ( odd couple ) & lots of
mascara & black gel liner, all from MAC.

Lipstick from Sue Devitte (brandy ) and OCC gloss, just a little bit, since the gloss is super dark. The look is punk & not goth, so too much OCC vintage gloss will make Janna's lips too dark.

I plan to re-create this look for my Youtube tutorial. Will probably post the link here.

Try out the Day look, its simple, sweet & easy to do. Maybe, save the punk look for going out.

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