Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jill and Chica at the Philip Morris event

Last Friday I got asked to do makeup for some ladies at the Philip Morris event at Sofitel. I did the hair and makeup for these 2 wonderful, lovely ladies, Chika and Jill.  Chika's makeup is sort of a 50's glam makeup, but I modernized the eyes and added sparkle. The hair was Veronica lake inspired.

Jill's makeup is very chic. Silver eyes and bright fushia lips to match her gown. And since the event is held at Sofitel ballroom, lights would be yellow of course.That is why I made the makeup a bit intense than usual, since the lights will diffuse the makeup!

TIP: for night event, do not use a makeup with SPF. It will reflect light and will make your face look abit washed or lighter than usual, because the titanium dioxide (responsible for the spf ingredient) will reflect light. Also, use a primer so that your makeup last longer.

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