Thursday, August 29, 2013

Eating clean!

I started eating clean last Feb of this year. For me that means, less processed food, sweets and junk food. I prep meals ( will post next time) and cook my meals so I know how its cooked ( less oil, salt and sauces )

All pictures are taken using my Iphone--You can check my IG account Hamhamgirl. I post my meals/recipes there almost everyday. Its faster for me, I just snap a photo with my phone, and I can post it immediately.

Above photo is my version of shrimp salad, below is an example of my breakfast.4 eggwhites, 1 yolk, multigrain bread and mushrooms. Of coursem lots of

Another typical dish for me is the one above. Brocolli,petchay and beef stir fry :-)

Next time, will post more pics, with recipes!!

Till next time!

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