Thursday, April 26, 2012

Guerlain haul-Meteorites,primer and many more!

Im like a little girl with a new barbie doll! Im so giddy and happy with my new Guerlain Goodies!
The above picture is their meteorites powder! Lovely smell, lovely packaging and so cute miniature balls!!

This is an eyeshadow palette thats just so luxurious looking! Its in Gold packaging and the eyeshadow colors are sooo nice! love love love!!Next post will be swatches and makeup looks!!

 This shades are very versatile.You can use them for everyday, special occassion or ay day you want to feel and look special!

Meterorites primers! I saw a lot of great reviews from Youtube and cant wait to give you my thoughts on this babies!

 Do you see the small gold particles suspended in the gel?? its real 18K gold!! Isnt that amazing??!!

This is their highlighter pen. based on the reviews I read, its comparable to YSL highlighter pen, which has a cult follower.One of them is Victorie Beckham.

Soooo very excited with all these makeup I scored and will definitely give you guys a more detailed review soon!!

Till my next post, Stay beautiful Ladies!

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