Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Goodies from Nars and Benefit!

Picked up some makeup supplies at Rustans yesterday. I admit, Im very frugal and selective when it comes to buying makeup. I dont even give into fads or I dont even buy the latest makeup. I treat it as "supplies" rather than a "collection".

I scan beauty blogs, reviews and  interview/ask fellow makeup artist before I buy a particular brand or makeup. I also review my inventory/collection before I buy to make sure I dont splurge and just get only what I need.

If you watch videos in youtube and see makeup collection videos, you will be surprise on how many makeup some girls have. As I makeup artist I only have very few makeup.

But this year, I want to be more experimental when it comes to makeup brands. I dont have any benefit or Nars makeup so I decided to buy some of their best sellers.

oh and I got a free sample of their makeup remover. Keep you posted if its worth to buy.

From Nars, the orgasm blush and Niagara lisptick-safe and tested. Benefit stay dont stray eyeshadow and concealer primer. I used my earning from my last gig and bought new "supplies".

I will swatch the Nars blush and show you some dupes and a review on the eye primer soon!

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