Monday, April 30, 2012

Change of look? Why not change your brows??huh??

Ok, let me clarify.Sometimes, us women, we want a change of look. For whatever reason, there are times, we want a fresh start or we just want to look better but a little different. Wether boredom or just experimentation, we all go through this stage. You know, we change our hair color, cut our hair or even wear lenses and maybe hair extensions.

I posted awhile back that you can soften your features by bleaching your brows or re-shaping.
Let me give you some examples, starting with...who else, me!

Above picture of mine, no makeup, natural brows.

If I want to look young (above picture was my makeup look when I had a makeup seminar/personality development seminar for their sales force at Wrangler Philippines) I do this trick:

Follow the natural shape of your brows but make it a bit thicker. Follow natural arch of your brows
 ( the highest point) if its naturally high, fill it in but slighter lower.

Can you see the my brows is slightly more straight than the natural shape above?I even lowered my arch a bit. This type of brows is commonly seen on korean, Japanese women and quite typical on Asian women.

If you want to look more sophisticated and polished, a well shaped brows, like the one above will do the trick. Not too thin nor too thick. Just right and slightly lighter is the best way to go. Here I bleached my brows, thicher at the start,with a peak.

Tip: Start of brows is the same line as the side of your nose. This balances the face, makes your nose look slimmer and you look more matured (not old, just more polished and sophisticated)

Here I wanted my brows to look Vintage, classic inspired by old Hollywood. Think Marlyn Monroe. But I dont want to over do it, nor to look like a blast from the past, so Lets customize it a bit.

Notice my brow arch is higher,more pointed and pronounced. But I wanted it to look natural and not drawn so the start of the brows, you can see the hair--I defined it with a slightly darker brow mascarra to make the hair appear thicker.

I added a light reflecting shadow at my brow bone as well starting at  the bottom middle part. I did this makeup look for a Vintage hair tutorial so I thought this makeup look is appropriate.

But this is how I usually groom my brows. Not to thick or too thin. Color is 2 shades lighter than my hair color, I use brow set from Mac and fill it in with brow powder.

Starting at the side of my nose, the end is parralel to  the sides if my nose. Hmm, to explain further, get a ruller or a makeup brush, place one end at the side of your nose and slant the other end towards the end of your brows. Thats how long your brows should be, more or less. Again, this is just a guide for you.

Next post I will show you how to shape your brows for a more dramatic look that will complement your face shape. But this time, I will need to take new pictures.

Hope you find this post useful!

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