Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Loreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss Review

Sorry for not being able to post for a long time. Been very very busy lately. lol
Anyways, here is my review on Loreal's Liquid Liner.

First off,lets discuss the good traits! I love the felt tip of this liner. It gives you a precise line, easy to control because the tip is bendable and the color is matte black, unlike other liners that are a bit shiny, which I dont like.

Price:P895.Not so bad.Although there are cheaper ones, this liner is worth the money.
You can create a lot of looks because its easy to use. It takes awhile to master liquid liners of course, but this one gives you just enough product so you dont end up with a blob of product.

Here I made a simple flick. Because my eyes have mini folds (yeah, irritating, esp when I lack sleep or if I overslept! ) So its not possible to create a thin line at the inner part, because my lids will eat it up.LOL. Is my grammar correct???  hahahaha.

But ideally, the line must be thinner at the inner corners.Oh well!

In this picture, can you see what I mean?? But somedays, my eyes cooperates and just gives me one fold.hehehehehe.

Here just to saw you the matte finish of this liner. Downside is that I got a non waterproof one.
As you  know, our country's weather is such a pain in the ____ these days so I perspire so much!!

I need to touch up the liner otherwise it will literally dissapear and get smudged. Next time I go to Loreal counter, I will make sure I get the waterproof one. So most of the time, I use my black track gel liner from MAC because its waterproof/smudgeproof (yey!!)

Till my next post lovelies!

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