Monday, August 20, 2012

18th birthday Hair & Makeup

I trimmed and shaped her brows a bit but I really want to preserve the natural thick brows she has and just combed it with Macs brow set. I dont want her to look overly matured by shaping it too much.

The gown with its sweetheart neckline and her red lips might overdo it. I want a fresh face even if her lips is red. :-)

Alexa and her sister Kara (?) is celebrating their 18th brithday in a joined party and Alexas mom booked me to do hair & makeup for the two girls. Since I will be bringing my Hamlet along, I decided to hire Lorybelle, my Hair & makeup partner. She is my classmate at the Australian College and I always get her if I have weddings and event as well.

Anyways, I dont have the before photo, but I posted it anyways. Lorybelle did Alexas hair & makeup.


Red lips was the request of Kara coz her gown was red and black. So the eyes is really simple, I used Guerlain smoked quad and big lashes. Actually in person the makeup is more vibrant and the red lips really stand out.


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