Monday, July 23, 2012

Mango Sale and My OOTD!

Cotton tank with viole ruffless at the front. It really hugs your curves so I got 1 size bigger. Of course, If I decide to wear this, I have to make sure Im not bloated or have a full meal.LOL.

I like this knitted top.The V neck is just right, not too low and it sits just above my missing cleavage.hahahaha.

Mango has been on sale for a month before I decided to check it out. Naturally when I got there, most of the sizes and good stuff are all gone! sigh. Nevertheless, I was able to get these 2 blouse and shorts for only P2,400! Top at 50-60% off, shorts at 60% off.

This was my outfit when I went shopping. Zara top, Bayo shorts, old navy belt anf Forever 21 boots.
My leather bag is from Italy.

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