Thursday, September 30, 2010

Egg white facial, does it really give a face lift?

I have tried several egg white facial mask at home. I like the eggwhite+milk the best. if you dont like milk, you can add honey instead. It leaves my skin smooth with a tight sensation, that last about 15-20 minutes. I feel like I have botox all over my face, which is actually funny because I feel like my face was semi-frozen, if there is such a term.

Apart from the home made version, I also use NU SKIN's EGG WHITE FACIAL. Truthfully, I can't really see my pores shrinking that much, but the tight sensation is there. My face feels smooth and silky, especially when I combine it with milk.
It also lighthens my face a little bit as well. I have listed down some of the benefits of egg white facial, and they are as follows:


Egg whites are a good  source of protein so it can be used to heal and rebuild the skin and reduce or eliminate acne. But I tried using this, at the time that I have acne, I did not  really see any improvement after. So maybe if you do this weekly, it can help reduce the acne.

Tighten Pores

Egg whites contain the enzyme Lysozyme, which has been found to stop spoilage and acts as natural preservative in certain foods.  This characteristic is thought to carry over into skin care, preserving the skin's natural elasticity and tightening pores.

Soak up Oil

The protein content in egg whites help to absorb excess oil in the skin, leaving the face toned and fresh but not shiny. In fact, egg whites can also be applied to the face as a mild astringent. Maybe thats why I feel like my face is a shade lighter after  do this facial.

Temporary face lift

Egg whites can provide a temporary reduction in wrinkles. The protein hides wrinkles and gives skin a smoother look.

How to Use?

To make an egg white face treatment, crack open an egg and separate the yolk from the white. With a whisk, whip the white until foamy; then apply a thin layer to your face, or you can use a gauze & apply the eggwhite mask.

 Allow to dry for about 10 or 15 minutes. Then you can peel off the gauze along with your whiteheads/black heads.You can add other ingredients if you wish, like Honey, oatmeal or my favorite, which is Milk.

Drawback is the smell. And if you are allergic of course to chicken, and  of course to eggs, please dont try this.

But over all, I think its a cheap way to a smooth, Healthy looking skin. 


  1. I hate eggs but might put up with the awfulness just fr the benefits :)


  2. Egg whites are rich in protein so it can be used as a mask to remove acne on your skin. Take one egg, and then separate the yolk. Beat the egg white off, and apply on your entire face. Leave for 15minutes then rinse thoroughly. Aloe Vera gel because it is natural with fewer chemicals, but if you are really worried about side effects and chemicals, try the natural aloe Vera plant on your face. 100% safe.