Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Favorite Makeup Remover and short review

Currently, my favorite makeup remover by far is from  Elianto. This is my 3rd bottle already.As you can see in the picture, its totally used up. Now  I like this product because, A. It removes waterproof mascarra easily without tugging my skin.

B.It has promegranate extract which is a powerful anti-oxidant, so it cleanses my skin & makes  smoother at the same time. and C. I love the scent of this product. Plus t P399.00 for 100 ml is not that expensive & it's totally worth it.

Second product I want to talk about is Body shop's Camomile "gentle makeup remover for eyes & lips.  I "use to love" this product, note the "past tense" in that sentence. Its because, when I recently bought it again, I regret buying it. Im quite ashamed because I really endorse this product..but when I used it recently, it gave me this Burning feeling on my skin & it did not remove my waterproof mascarra as well as before.The price for 250ml is P550.00 which is even cheaper than Elianto if you think about it. But, this product totally failed me.I use it occassionally but not on my eyes-which defeits the purpose really.

Maybe because I am using Retinol skincare now,so my skin is really sensitive, but the Elianto makeup remover is still very gentle on my skin & did not give me that buring feeling, like this one.

The Oil of Olay makeup remover, at P699,is really steep. But I got this for free when I bought my Regenerist night cream. At first it was also great because it has anti aging  ingredients & it does remove makeup & mascarra, you just have to massage it a bit.  But, one day, when I checked the label, I saw that it has parabens & mineral oil, I got turned off because parabens & mineral oil are harmful to your skin.Its a cheap lubricant & these ingredients can clog your pores.I was so dissapointed because I love Olay products.

I also tried Shue Emura Cleansing oil, but I dont  like the "greasy" oil residue feel on my skin, though it removes waterproof makeup well. The LOREAL makeup remover is also good and its P399.00 for 100ml.

I also love Lancome makeup remover, but the price is too steep for me. So, my tip is try a small bottle of makeup remover or if they have a tester before buying a big one, because you dont want to be saddled with a product you will never use again.


  1. I need new makeup remover. Was going to try the body shop one but I wont now :)