Monday, May 28, 2012

Stuff I bought from my Hongkong trip


 The Ring above is my current favorite. Bought this in Mongkok. There were a lot of amazing designs but I dont want to splurge. I think I bought more for my son than myself.:-)

These two rings cost me P620.00, which makes it just P310.00 each. Its a steal right?? Grr for me for not buying some more for gifts!! I am just scared to spend so much..but anyways, hoping I can go back to Hongkong and plan my purchases better.

This lovely Iphone case is just P350.00!! Again, I should have bought more right?? Silly me. I didnt even buy the 3d ones that are soo cool for Hamlets Ipod. Oh well...

My friends ask me to buy her SaSa makeup wipes which is around P210.00 each.

I am not familiar with this brand but I was told that its quite popular in Hongkong. I was convinced because of the word anti-fatigue!lol. The smell is so soothing and relaxing indeed. I also love that its not greasy. I use this after my Philosophy Serum. This is around P900.00

Now this perfume is my favorite of all. I have been wanting to buy this perfume ( I got my first one as a gift from my father in law) but its quite expensive here in Manila. Its around P4,500 if Im not mistaken. But I bought this at Bonjour store at Mongkok for P1,900 only since I was told its just for promo.

Now thats definitely worth it, dont you think??

Last but not the least, is this nice beaded thong sandals. Bought this for P930.00. I think I could have gotten this at a lower price if I was not so eager to leave Mongkok. We were gone for 2 hours and I know my son might start to miss me ( which means he might get into a fit and cry endlessly)

So we headed back to our hotel. We stayed at PB hotel. Which is affordable and the location is good as well. Clean, no fuss hotel. Wifi is not free though but its ok. We are always out of the hotel anyways.

If you are even in Hongkong. Dont forget Mongkok area and Shim Sha Stui (  Kowloon Area ) Hongkong has high end malls as well, which we were not able to go to! Maybe next time!

I will post the nail polishes I bought next time, as part of my favorites for MAY.

If you want to see the clothes, shoes, toys I got for Hamlet (for the Moms out Leave a comment and I will post it here!

I also bought shirts and perfume for my hubby (with a free bag) but will not post it anymore since its for Men.LOL.

Till my next post ladies!!


  1. you bought some amazing stuff ^^ !

    1. Thanks Julia! Your profile pic looks really good! Thanks for reading my blog!!