Friday, May 25, 2012

Where have I been?

Helloe everyone!! Im back! OMG!!hahahaha, its been ages since the last time I posted anything, both here at my beauty blog and Art blog (

Ok, so First guys, I have been very busy with my one and only son, my hamlet. He needs my full attention for his therapy sessions/school and other activities. So basically, I went on Hiatus for awhile.LOL.

Second, we went to Hongkong with my family.Its was the most tiring 4 days of my life!hahahaha. Well, not actually. It was jsut so tiring to jumpacked all the places you want to go to, theme parks, go shopping and sight seeing to the places that all of the members of the family want to see and visit.

Plus, I was with Hamlet all this time. But it was good, fun and Im very happy after the trip.

I have been going to Hongkong since 1995, every year for the fashion ( I was working as a buyer for a retail company) but  the last time I was in Hongkong was 2007 before my wedding. So there were a lot of changes for sure. But like the last time, the Airport is really huge!
 First time for my son to fly and Im just so happy he gave no problem at all. TIP: If you have a toddler and have a planned trip abroad, show him some video clips of other children their age riding a plane. Show some pictures and pretend play, as if riding a plane so he knows wha to expect. Lots of toys or in my case, an IPAD is enough to entertain him. Plus, its only 2 hours getting to HK.

It was a super early flight, but my boy still managed to goof around with me and my sisters inside the plane. He was never bored so he is pretty behaved!

With my sister on our way to Mongkok to buy some toys and personal stuff at the ladies market
Im so proud of my sister ( I helped sending her to school) and she graduated Magna Cumlaude, Finished masters, Top of her class, and now Finishing his Doctorate degree, worked as an assistant dean at her school ( had to give up the post, since her son also needs full attention like my Hamlet)

She is 10 years my junior ( turning 30 late this year.Guess what my age
Enjoying the street food.

If you follow me in Instagram these pictures are not new anymore :-) Next post I will show you what I bought. But warning: I didnt buy a lot! Mostly, toys for my baby boy but I got some nice stuff :-)

Till my next post my lovelies!!

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