Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sparkly shoes! Sequines ladies!

I discovered a SCHU outlet store near my son's school. Since I love everything sparkly, I had to buy one of their sequined flats. Unfortunately the one I like is sold out already, in my size I mean. Its purple, gold and black. So I got this one instead.

Another  thing I like about this shoes is that that you can change the color of the sequines. The photo below will show you what I mean. The black can turn to silver, copper to yellow gold.

Otherwise the color is copper silver and black. You can also take out the silver and turn it copper and black.Got this for P899

Now this one is an old pair but I just want to show you the only 2 pair of sparkly shoes I have.

I have socks inside so pls excuse the black thread as well.hehehehe. This one is P900 from stacatto, on sale.

This was the packaging for the new shoes, I like that I can re-use it and put some girly stuff. lol.
I will post the other items I bought from the store, in my next post.

So if you happen to be in Ortigas near tectite, its at Emerald avenue. Check it out.They also have bags and designer clothes, all at a Sale price.

Till my next post ladies!!


  1. nice right?? I think even when Im 50 I will still wear sparkly shoes!!lol