Saturday, June 9, 2012

OOTD-Outfit of the Day!

I only had 20 minutes to dress up and those who know me will attest this is a feat for me!hahahaha.
So I grabbed my benetton cardigan ( gift ) Topshop tank that is 1 size bigger --for extra room, hehehehe.

Drop pearl necklace I bought in Hongkong that is 6 years old!

Pants from Zara woman. I love this stretch pants coz its lightweight and it really tucks in my midsection!

 My fave boots from Zara, that I hardly wear because I rarely go out at night so I really made sure to wear it this time, even if we are going to have dinner at a casual place.

 I collage I made and uploaded in Instagram. Im really an instagram addict!

The love of my life, my hubby and son :-)

So, just want to share my outfit and hope you like my post!

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