Sunday, June 10, 2012

Current Skincare I use!

Photo taken using my Iphone :-)

I posted the above picture at my IG and promised to list the products Im currently using (skincare)
So here they are:

Philosophy Miracle worker serum-Not shown in the picture because I just ran out but I have been using this for 6-7  months already.

NU SKIN GALVANIC- I use this every once in awhile. The gel is a bit expensive so I just give myself some pampering with this facial spa whenever I look tired or if I want to look rested for a special event. It gives my skin a temporary lift and makes my eyebags look less visible.

GUERLAIN pearl scrub- sample size I got from my friend Lory and so far Im loving this facial scrub.

VIT E night cream, I use this over my serum.

FACE SHOP Promegranate cleansing oil- I use this as a makeup remover and to massage my face after cleansing it with VIT E cream cleanser.

VIT E facial wash- I use interchangeably with VMV facial wash.

REVITALASH-I apply it on my lashes at night ( most of the time I forget so I cant really say yet if it does work)

MAybelline Eye makeup Remover-Right now this is what Im using for my waterproof eye makeup. I would like to get the NARS or Lancome one but still saving up for it.LOL.

WITCH HAZEL natural toner (big bottle) from Healthy Options. I use this as a toner and for my pimples. It helps it to dry faster.

So thats so far what Im using, apart from my daily sunscreen, which is Vit E spf 15, Guerlain SPF 50 and Oil of Olay spf 30.

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