Sunday, June 10, 2012

Makeup Look of the Day and REVIEW on GUERLAIN PALETTE

 Photos above taken using my MAC BOOK.

This was my makeup look when I went out for dinner with my Hubby and son at Eastwood. Will post my outfit of the day and some of my weekend photos next post!!

For my eyes I used GUERLAIN pallette.  Swatches below.

BASE COLOR- 2nd and 3rd shade (lightest at inner and taupe at outer half )
CREASE COLOR- 1st and 4th shade (just combine them both when applying )

TIP:for lower lashline, warm browns are more flattering than the cool browns.

For my LIPS-
I used Max factor red waterproof pencil and Maybelline brownish red shade.

TIP-Warm reds are great for yellow undertones or medium brown skin.

I love the shiny gold packaging.It came with a velvet pouch.

 For my liner I used MAC black gel liner (waterproof) False lashes bought at Landmark (P49.00 )
BROWS-MAC BROW SET and Prestige brow powder and Bodyshop Brown liner

TIP: Brow powders look more natural than pencils. But since I dyed my brows, I needed to use a brow pencil to define the shape. The Brow set keeps the hair in place.

I hope you like this makeup look!

Till my next post ladies!

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