Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vacation in Boracay

Boracay beach has the finest white sand and beach is just amazing. Too bad that its actually a bit polluted now. I use to go to Boracay every year from 1993 to 2007. After 5 years I came back. Sooo many restaurants and Hotels! Whew! But there is still a part of Bora that is still secluded if this is what you look for.

We did'nt see any sandcastles because it was raining the entire time we were there :-( 
Even firedancing exhibitions were cancelled and some water activities.

If you plan to visit Bora, go there during Summer ( March-May) but expect a big  crowd!
The last time  I went to Bora  around March 2007, the water has  alot of seaweeds so its not a nice sight :-(
April-May I think is the best!

If you want fewer people, November-Feb is ok too and weather is just right. A bit chilly at night but otherwise the days are great!

 What to do in Boracay?Well aside from frolicking on the beach, water activities  and showing some skin? Get a henna tattoo!! I got one for P150.00 ($4.00)  This picture was taken on the day of our flight back home.

My fun blue and green mani!

At Le Soleil Facade...The hotel offers breakfast buffet, food is decent. We ordered the sinigang and baked oyster for lunch and it was good and affordable.

It was raining the entire time we were there and weather just got better but it was time togo home!!lol.
Sad but glad we were able to see the Sun in Boracay! This picture was taken at the poolside.

When you are in Bora, try to get a braide!! hahaha. I have very fine hair so cant braide my hair all the way.. Braide is P150 (around $4.00US dollars ) You also help the young ladies there to earn a living. We bought some souveneir items from the locals ( not the stores) also to sort of help them as well, aside from getting  a good deal since their prices are of course cheaper ( if you know how to hoggle! )

There are a lot of arm candy, nice pearl and shell trinkets. Got a freshwater pearl necklace and earrings ( REAL!! ) for only P400.00 pesos! ( around $9.00 )

I wore it already yesterday and will post it next time!

Me having breakfast at Le Soleil. Remember the sea horse ring last post? Im wearing it at the time!!
Earrings and bracelet I bought from D Mall in Boracay as well.

Ma Tattoo! lol

Close up look of my makeup that day. Turquoise earrings also bought in Bora for P100.00

No shakeys back then! Hamlet is sooo happy!!hahaha.He loves Shakeys thin crust pizza!

Seafood Galore! Buy per grams and have them cook it for you!

Me and Hamlet in the plane.Happy and sad at the same time to go home.

Pool view from the balcony of our family room with loft at Le soleil.

Ok lovelies! Till my next post!!

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