Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Highlighting Technique-Ala Kim Kardashian

Last post I shared with you how you can shade your nose bridge to create depth and  make it look longer and higher. Now, Im showing you some highlightinh techniques that can brighten your face and make your facial shape defined.

Here I used my Clinique airbrush concealer ( it reflects light so it can be used as a highlighter ) but you can use any cream/liquid highlighter you have.

You apply this after foundation and concealing other imperfections like dark circles or pimple marks.

Blend with foundation brush,damp sponge or your hands. Dont rub too hard, just pat/blend lightly.

Afterwards, set it with a loose powder. Im using MAC translucent powder.

 Ignore my blood shut eye (hahaha) I used my Iphone for all the photos. Can you see that the bridge of my nose, brow bone and cheekbones is a bit lighter?

I just want to take photos as fast as possible since I have to go out that day but here you can already see some points of my face that sort of reflects light. This gives your face a 3 dimensional effect.

Kim Kardashian loves this type of technique, but of course, I did not make it as obvious as her makeup artist does it because Im not really going on a photo shoot or being chase by

Just want to show you that this simple technique makes a lot of difference esp if you want to look good in photos.

Next post will show you some techniques on how to groom your brows!!

Hope you like this post!!

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